“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Entrepreneurs are some of the most driven and successful people on the planet. They don’t get there by giving up.

They are not weak of heart. They are fearless and possess some key behavioral traits that we would do well to copy such as tenacity, determination, drive and focus – each one an important piece of their “success” puzzle.

But there is another trait, one that is the driving force behind the rest and that one is consistency.

Consistency is a powerful force. It is one of the most important traits that all successful people share. Entrepreneurs are fully aware that it is consistency that provides the traction needed to propel them forward. It opens the door to momentum…the all-important “helpful” force that pushes us towards our goals and makes getting there easier.

Successful people understand that consistency is about repetition but not about doing something at the same exact time of day. It’s about holding themselves to a standard in whatever they do. This high standard requires commitment towards sustained action over the long-term as they grow and adapt over time. They also make whatever necessary adjustments are needed to improve results long-term.

It all boils down habits and lifestyles. If we hope to follow in the steps of successful people, we must develop habits that lead us to success and be consistent with those habits the same way they are. We must rid ourselves of whatever habits cause us to fail and adopt strategies that work positively towards our goals. These strategies must become part of our daily lives.

Habits themselves are tenacious. They are powerful, controlling and not easy to change. If we try to tackle and change too much at once, we simply set ourselves up for defeat. It’s not the one-off leaps and bounds towards our goals that give us lasting success. It’s about consistent actions that, added together, get us to our goals in a manner that we are in control.

“Leaps and bounds” may give us a flash of quick, temporary success but this type of success is as fleeting as the wind.

Truth is, without consistency it is impossible to reach or experience success with our goals and that includes health and fitness goals.

Anyone who has ever dieted can attest to the ups and downs, hills and valleys, and dangerous curves that dieting can throw at them to challenge their resolve. All these try to derail efforts to shift and adopt new lifestyle habits – those focused on active living and healthier eating habits.


Power of Practice

Practicing is key. We must work at practicing our craft until we have mastered it and reached our goal and that takes consistency. Consistency in thought, word and actions. That’s the real formula.

When we are consistent, we are vigilant, mindful and “present” in the moment, focusing on the tasks at hand. Often referred to as “mindfulness,” this helps to keep the body and the mind focused and actively engaged.

As you work towards your goals, be fully aware that insecurities, anxieties, worries and stress can all temporarily derail you if you allow it to happen. Realize that these are all temporary feelings. Don’t let them cancel out your resolve towards reaching your goals through consistent action.

Making a commitment means we are willing to follow through and consistently perform what’s needed until our objectives are met. This requires taking responsibility for our actions and the choices as well as the decisions that lead to those actions.

In the end, the difference between enjoying a high level of success in any endeavor or experiencing failure is consistency.

Remember, consistency is about making progress and cementing permanent improvements over extended periods of time. It is not about obtaining quick but fleeting results.

Trust yourself, you are an amazing being – the rewards will come.  With patience and consistency you can and will reach your goals and enjoy the results you seek.

In reality, there is no shortcut to success. Whether your goals are personal, fitness, diet related, business or relationships, it takes passion, hard work and discipline coupled with consistent actions to experience success.

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