Food cravings are no one’s friend, but, unfortunately no one is exempt.

Every one of us has, from time to time, experienced a sudden urge for a particular food or drink. They happen because we have not eaten properly – when our blood sugar levels are low from not eating healthy foods rich in vitamins, nutrients and protein at regularly spaced intervals.

These urges can become intense cravings, destroying even the best laid eating plans. Suddenly, it seems, we are caught by the realization that we are being controlled by our body.

Truth is, your food cravings serve a purpose, they indicate a chemical or hormonal imbalance caused by a lack of healthy nutrition. Your body is simply trying to get your attention. It is speaking to you through your cravings and begging you to feed it properly. It is asking you to meet a certain nutritional need and it won’t stop until that need is met.

In other words, no matter how your particular craving manifests, it is triggered by a particular imbalance in your body. Once the need is met, the craving stops, if it’s not met, it becomes stronger and stronger.

For example, a lack of minerals like zinc or magnesium found in meats, could manifest as a craving for chocolate which contains the same ingredients.

Obviously, cravings for high-sugar or high fat foods are especially damaging for anyone on a calorie-controlled diet or who is struggling with a weight problem.

When you stop giving your body substances that trigger insatiable desires and supply your body/mind system the adequate amounts of nutrients, the cravings automatically stop.


Low blood sugar is a main trigger for food cravings. Backed by research, it seems people with cravings, especially those that are regular dieters, often experience an underlying blood sugar imbalance: meaning, their blood sugar levels fluctuate too much because they eat too much of the wrong type of carbohydrate. These fluctuations in blood sugar cause cravings, water retention, excessive thirst and mood swings.

Low blood sugar is the result of allowing ourselves to become extremely hungry by going too long between meals and snacks or by trying to follow a low calorie diet. Unfortunately, when we crave, our bodies usually seek out foods high in calories or fat in order to satisfy the void in our stomachs.

Turning to a low-fat diet is not the answer and will only make the condition worse. Millions of people that have eaten a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet for many years or bought into unhealthy diet trends have become at least partially insulin resistant.

Insulin is an important hormone responsible for maintaining stable blood sugar levels by telling the body’s cells when to absorb  glucose from the bloodstream. When the body becomes insulin resistant, it stops responding to insulin and grabs every calorie it can and deposits it as fat. No matter how little you eat, you gradually gain weight.

At the same time, your cells cannot absorb the glucose they need, so they signal your brain that you need more carbohydrates or sugars. The result is persistent food cravings. Insulin resistance is dangerous and nothing to fool around with. It leads directly to obesity, diabetes and heart disease and the cravings continue on.

There are many types of cravings – each caused by a particular imbalance.

Dieting causes cravings.

Emotional issues cause cravings. Stress, depression, boredom and a general need for comfort can lead to cravings which in turn can lead to binge eating or other types of eating disorders.

Hormonal swings cause cravings.

Remember, there are biological causes of food cravings and the root problem is likely inadequate nutrition.

In order to reduce and eliminate food cravings, the body needs support and lots of it. Eating healthy foods can almost miraculously curb cravings. Your messed up metabolism will heal itself when provided with the necessary nutritional support.

Bottom line:

Eliminating food cravings involves two strategies:

  • satisfying nutrient deficit
  • stabilizing blood sugar levels

The topic of food cravings is a complex issue. However, with a little practical know-how and knowledge, you can successfully quell cravings and adopt a balanced way of eating.

Enjoy eating the right foods and watch your food cravings disappear, your energy increase and your health shine.

Even when you are snacking or eating dessert, you can provide important nutrients to your body and avoid damaging cravings!

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