Our modern-day lives are indeed busy. Technology continues to speed up our world and demands on our time and expectations are rising with it.

In such a fast-paced environment, our own self-care is more important than ever and vital to our survival. Our thought processes are ultimately important to how our lives play out.

Unfortunately, many people are plagued by negative emotions. These emotions hold them back from achieving their full potential in life. However, it does not have to be that way…there are steps that can be taken that eliminate such destructive tenancies.

Strength training exercise is one of those. It acts as a counterweight to dissipate negative emotions before they become life altering.

Strength training is key to strengthening our muscles and bones. It helps us to maintain and manage our body weight, but it also keeps our emotional state balanced and healthy, and this in turn helps our brains work better.

When rigorous activity such as strength training is performed, natural chemicals (hormones) are released that regulate the emotions and create positive feelings about oneself. These natural healers wash through us like medicine, calming, soothing and cleansing both body and mind of all the “junk” that comes our way during the course of our busy days. It’s a deep cleansing that helps us to get back in touch with our “inner selves.”

If this “junk” is left untreated, stress levels climb and this affects every part of our being – our physical, mental and emotional wellness included.

Vigorous movement is the perfect antidote and the best way to manage stress levels because it has a calming effect and helps release negative stress hormones that have built up in the body. These hormones might otherwise threaten to overflow and send us into an emotional down-spin.

Why is this important? Because high levels of stress are responsible for a large percentage of disease. If you believe you can manage stress without exercise you’re in for a rocky road.

You are One Unit

Physical health is intertwined with mental and emotional health. They work as a unit, you can’t divide them one from the other.When physical health is strong and fit, mental and emotional health improves and when physical health is in decline, then so too is mental and emotional health.

We must consciously align ourselves as much as possible with the powers that nature has provided us.

Whenever we boost our heart rate up with muscle building and maintaining exercises such as strength training, oxygen rich blood is pumped through our system that benefits all the body’s cells, tissues and organs…including the brain.

This boost in brain power provides energy to the rest of the body. Even if you are tired and fatigued, an exercise session will wake up your brain and rejuvenate it again.

From managing stress to processing emotions, proper, strength training exercise is key. It oils the wheels that turn in our heads when we think, feel and do.  Whatever our mental state is at the time we begin exercising, we will be happier, more fulfilled and feel so much better about ourselves and our lives post workout.

Strength-Training is Key

Our body, mind and soul need nature’s chemicals – the ones released during vigorous movement or activity, and strength training gives us the most “bang for our buck.” We need to take advantage of what nature has generously provided us.

Strength training is a multi-purpose solution that offers benefits to all areas of health – muscle, bone and joint strength and even helps with body weight. Flexibility and heart health improve along with mental and emotional natures. And, all it takes is just 2-3 sessions weekly.

Those already conditioned properly, can perform a more intense workout, one lasting longer than 30 minutes. However, for most people, 20-30 minutes  of strength training should suffice.

The importance that the body’s key hormones (chemicals) play and their role in our happiness, fat storage, energy release, muscle building and disease control cannot be overstated. 

If there is a way to improve your life, career or business why wouldn’t you want to do it? It’s time to tap into your well-spring of “chemical magic” with strength training. It’s the gift you give yourself.

Make it a priority, right up there next to family, work and friends. After all, of what use are you to your other priorities if you do not have your health?

Stay strong, diligent and consistent with your workouts and you will notice significant positive results within your life in a short amount of time.

Isn’t it time to right the wrongs you have committed against your body? You can regain vitality, muscular strength, endurance and lead a higher quality of life beginning now…

If you truly want to take command of your life, build your immunity and avoid disease somewhere down the road…

“Healthy Self Healing” can help you do just that…

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