bellyfat chHave you found yourself looking in the mirror focusing on the excess pouch you call your stomach and wondering how in the heck it got there?

You are not alone.

Unfortunately when most people gain weight their waistline is the first place it lands. Reversely when they are trying to lose weight, the waistline is the last to give it up.

Because hormones control every aspect of weight loss…including metabolic rate, where you store fat, your appetite and even your cravings, any form of hormonal imbalance will sabotage any efforts you make to maintain a trim physique…regardless of your exercise and diet habits.

Excess body fat that collects around the mid-section rather than on the limbs is an outward visual sign of hormonal and metabolic turmoil within and once that excess belly fat is increased to a hard-round appearance you can be assured that “hormonal” imbalance is driving its growth.

The “beer gut,” the “spare tire,” the “muffin top,” “the pot belly”…it really doesn’t matter what title or label you assign to this excess weight…it’s all the same health issue…extra fat that has accumulated around the belly.

Since this “fat pouch” generally starts appearing as we enter our thirties/forties and beyond many people believe that it is part and parcel of aging and assign it to the “middle-age spread” as though it’s perfectly natural and inevitable.


Nothing could be farther from the truth.

It is not inevitable but a result of our lifestyles.

It is true that as we age, the level of hormones that work at maintaining our muscle mass decreases and combined with the fact that as we age we tend to be a lot less active than when in our younger years and we have a very unhealthy situation. The combination of these two factors, causes muscles to atrophy or shrink because they are not being actively used which results in our metabolism not working correctly anymore.

Combine lack of exercise and loss of hormones with unhealthy eating habits (consuming too many toxic calories) and you’re on the fast track to disaster.

The reality is, accumulating fat around your mid-section is not what nature intended and it’s nothing to joke about.

This dangerous fat is not limited to subcutaneous fat…the extra layer of padding that’s just below the skin, it also includes the fat that lies deep inside that surrounds your internal organs called visceral fat. When compared with weight gain in other places of the body…extra weight around the mid-section is not only unhealthy…it is downright dangerous to your health.

There are serious health risks/conditions associated with “belly fat” such as heart disease, diabetes and various forms of cancer or other debilitating, degenerative diseases.

Belly fat is not only unattractive but dangerous to our health.


Steps to Take

A proper diet, regular challenging exercise, quality sleep and motivation are all mandatory prime players in any program to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Changing your diet to include more nutrient dense foods will allow your hunger hormones to balance naturally.

It’s important to change your diet to include more plant-based foods like vegetables and be sure to choose lean proteins. Pay attention to your portion sizes to keep them in check. Remember, just because you are making healthier choices doesn’t mean the calories aren’t adding up. However, if you are eating healthy choices, calories should not be an issue.

Your goal should be to “lose the gut” with slow, consistent weight-loss while improving your health, exercise and eating habits…without experiencing any kind of hunger or cravings at the same time.

Your reward is feeling a whole lot better, a lowered risk of health problems and extended lifespan.

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