Your body responds to the way you think. Or, be careful what you think, “your body is listening to everything you say.”

If you want to maximize your body’s ability to stay healthy, your ideal regimen – along with your physical exercise and healthy eating plans must include healthy, positive thoughts and emotions.

Those who research the way the human mind functions have discovered that it is endlessly bombarded with a stream of automatic conscious and subconscious positive or negative thoughts that they call self-talk. Although some of this self-talk “mind chatter” is based in logical thinking, many thoughts are actually rooted in preconceptions and misconceptions going back as far as early childhood. These are thoughts that sabotage our persistent efforts to reach our goals – health and fitness included.

Norman Vincent Peale, who first fostered the idea that personal unhappiness is manifested initially in the mind says that “fear and worry are the by-products of negative feelings fostered by thoughts of resentment and ill will that are self-manufactured.”

In other words, by dwelling on unhappy thoughts and habitually maintaining negative attitudes about life, we create stress that ultimately leads to misery and disease.

On the other hand, when we’re optimistic, we enjoy and experience the opposite. We’re in better overall physical, mental and emotional health and develop less stressful coping mechanisms to deal with life’s challenges.

As positive thinkers, some of the health benefits are – lower rates of depression, natural resistance to illness and disease and longer life spans.

Many people who struggle with poor health or overweight conditions would love to get healthier, fit and lose weight and many try repeatedly but continue to fail. Why?

Because the “faulty wiring” in their minds is still running the show.

Somewhere lurking in their “inner mind programming” are outdated, misinformed, tired old ideas and beliefs causing inner resistance. This inner resistance ends up blocking any ability to make consistent, correct, healthy lifestyle choices, leading them to adopt unhealthy ones.

These “outdated programs” are like the outdated programs on a computer…useless and even dangerous!

For example, someone that’s trying to lose weight but running faulty programming will be hindered in their efforts because the mind is not aligned with action. Struggle and resistance will supersede all healthy actions towards food and exercise strategies that could otherwise help them.

The mind needs a serious tune-up. A serious upgrade and shift in perception before further action is taken. Otherwise nothing will change because the body responds to the minds directions.

Rather than “seeing” a strong, fit, slim, healthy body as a positive, exciting possibility, someone with a distorted, faulty view/perception/subconscious belief sees it as only a source of sacrifice, commitment and effort. This belief “sinks the ship before it launches.”

It also leads to the belief that they lack self-discipline and the motivation required to make the necessary sacrifices, stick to a healthy eating plan and exert the effort to show up at the gym a couple of times a week. These types of distorted thoughts paint a dismal view in their minds and scares them away.

Adding layer after layer of action plans on top of faulty mind programming will never work and eventually results in defeat.

Before taking any action steps, thoughts must be addressed because it is the thought driving the action. 

When failure is experienced time after time, it sinks you deeper into your faulty belief system that ends up feeding you more negative programming while ignoring and eliminating any positive programming.

Not the kind of cycle you want to be caught in.

Shift to the new –

To break out of this “blocked” thinking cycle, a serious mind software upgrade is needed. A shift to a new healthier, positive perception/way of “seeing’ things, the kind of programming that “slim, fit, people run” is required.

Embracing healthy “positive” perceptions allows your mind to work with you rather than against you. Food choices automatically become healthier and exercise is viewed as enjoyable rather than sacrificial. And, the best part of all is – the inner supposed “battle” with yourself disappears.

The reality is, “thoughts are things.” Even if you’re not paying conscious attention, your body is listening and responding.

Getting healthier and/or losing weight is a lot easier and nearly effortless when the mind is an alley to what the body is trying to accomplish. Together they are a dynamic team, separate they are waging war!

It’s time to align your mind with your heart’s intentions and lead a higher quality of life.

“Healthy Self Healing” can help you do just that…

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