Most cancers can be prevented. When a person has cancer it usually indicates that there are nutritional deficiencies at work. These could be due to environmental, food, genetic and even lifestyle factors.

Most people don’t realize it but everyone has cancer cells already in his or her body. These cancer cells are not detectable or known until their numbers have multiplied into billions.

It’s scary but true that cancer cells actually reach detectable levels anywhere from 6-10 times during their lifetimes. However, if a person’s immune system is at the healthy and strong level it should be then these cancer cells will be destroyed as well as prevented from multiplying and forming new tumors.

The immune system is the key – 

The most effective way to battle this insidious disease is to starve it. Just quit feeding those cancer cells the foods it uses to multiply.

What are some of the foods that feed cancer?

  • Sugar is a definite cancer feeder. Limit your sugar intake as much as possible. But, don’t substitute with NutraSweet, Spoonful, Equal or any of the substances made with Aspartame…a very harmful ingredient.
  • Meats: If you enjoy eating meat then purchase grass fed all natural meats. Mainstream meat is subjected to livestock antibiotics and growth hormones. They also have parasites…especially harmful to people with cancer. Not a good thing. If you do not want to eliminate meat altogether…this is one area that it is well worth it to spend the extra dollar.
    Remember too that meat protein is very difficult for your digestive system to digest…it requires massive amounts of digestive enzymes. When meat is left undigested it putrefies and leads to toxic buildup.
  • What kind of affect do you think those “animal” hormones are having on your body? It can’t be good, they were not meant for human consumption.
  • Milk: Cancer feeds on mucus and milk causes the body to produce mucus. Enough said.
  • Distilled water: distilled water is acidic. Opt for fresh spring water or purified and filtered to avoid toxins and heavy metals found in tap water.

So what should you be eating in order to prevent cancer?

Fresh vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts and fresh fruits put the body in an alkaline state. Fresh veggies that have been juiced have the ability to go to the cellular level very quickly and nourish and enhance the growth of healthy cells.

Cooking destroys the valuable enzymes provided by your veggies; they are destroyed at temperatures of 40 degree C or 104 degrees F.

Green tea would be a much better choice for you to drink than coffee and regular tea…both have caffeine. Green tea has cancer fighting abilities.

Exercise is also extremely important in the war against cancer as cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment. Exercise daily and learn deep breathing techniques in order to get more oxygen to the cellular level.

And, don’t forget the importance of your mind. Negative actions and responses to life put the body into acidic conditions.

Anger, bitterness and an unforgiving attitude are literally unhealthy for you.

A proactive, positive spirit will do wonders for your immune system and your health.

Remember your mind is part of your body…not separate. It needs to be treated to the best cancer prevention possible along with your body.

Healthy thoughts help produce healthy bodies.

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