There are those (although few) that still believe that “being healthy” is only about focusing on how well the body is functioning. Then there are more enlightened individuals that are aware of their mind-body connection and know that “being healthy” refers to both the health of the mind and the body.

Brighter still are those enlightened ones that are aware that true health begins even deeper than the mind. True health begins with our deepest connection to life – our spiritual selves.

The different parts of us – our mind, our emotions, our body and our spirit are not separate entities, isolated and operating independently. We are a working unit with all parts working together to achieve one thing – our health, happiness and longevity.

Exercise is, without a doubt, the most empowering thing we can do do boost our body/muscle and mind/muscle strength. But, exercise is not just about keeping our body in shape, our internal organs working at peak efficiency and our minds sharp. Scientific studies prove that a healthy, active lifestyle, one that includes regular exercise is the key that opens the door to our spiritual fulfillment.

Think about it. When we are actively exercising, we are actively loving ourselves. And, when we actively love ourselves, we open the door to our spiritual connection. And, it is this connection allows us to develop our spiritual muscle!

Developing Your Spiritual Muscle

Why is it important to have a spiritual muscle? Without a strong spiritual base to draw from, our mental muscle would soon become weak. Our mental health is directly affected by our spiritual health in the same way our physical health is effected by our mental health.

If our spiritual cauldron is empty, it’s very hard to stay in and function from positive perceptions. A positive mental attitude is the result of having a happy and fulfilled spirit. It’s impossible feel empty spiritually and fulfilled mentally the same way its impossible to feel healthy physically if our mental attitude is down in the dumps the majority of the time.

Everyday we make multiple decisions and face daily challenges and it is our spiritual muscle that feeds strength to our mental muscle and it is our mental muscle that feeds strength (through proper positive thoughts) to our bodies ultimately leading them down the healthy and happy lifestyle path.

It is exercise that provides the chemical and emotional shift that in turn allows us to clear out the “mind chatter” that is constantly vying for our attention and wasting our precious energy. Without our mind chatter cluttering things up, it’s easy to connect to our deeper true essence – our spiritual selves.

When we clear out the clutter and detach from the chaos in our minds, we are left with the “now” moment. This “moment” is affectionately called  “the zone” by athletes and when they are in the zone, great things happen!

It is this “now” moment, this aware state of mind, when we are consciously connected to our mind, body and spirit that empowers us to decrease negative thinking, build confidence and increase emotional stability.

Let’s face it, we all struggle at different times with our attitudes and not so pleasant feelings. Exercise gifts us with feel-good hormones (those magical endorphins) that help us turn those destructive negative emotions around. The more endorphins we have operating, the happier and more content we feel. When we are happy, its easier to think positive thoughts and our quality of life improves because of it.

Exercising is the perfect way to detox from all the poisons we are subjected to daily. Our bodies become lighter and brighter and this same detox clears the mind and the spirit. The reality is, there is no body that will survive long if the mind is in a sick state, and no mind that can survive if its underlying spirit is sick.

The body thrives because of a healthy mind and the mind thrives because of a healthy spirit. And, the key to a healthy spirit, is, not surprisingly exercise!

The reality is, all areas of our lives – family life, work environment, personal life and spiritual life are effected by and positively impacted by exercise.

It’s time to connect with your spirit and take command of your life.

Reclaim Your Longevity… can help you do just that!

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