The popular platitude “the same old thinking produces the same old results” is something we’ve all heard at one time or another but how many of us really paid attention and applied this principle in our lives?

No one succeeds by putting the “cart before the horse.” Before we can experience any changes in the outside world, we must first create it inside where the controls are.

The first thing we must do before attempting any outer actions is to align our mindset with our goals.

Creating goals for ourselves is one of the first steps towards achieving our dreams but if we have not examined the mind and what program is currently running it in regards to reaching these goals then we’ll likely be working ten times harder to reach them.

If you are currently trying to lose weight or you are adopting a new diet or fitness plan, but you’re struggling to succeed perhaps the reason is: you’ve neglected to transform your mind first.

If so, you’re working backwards. You’ve put the cart before the horse and you’re taking action against what your mind believes and that only leads to struggle. You’re running an old program but expecting new results…it just doesn’t work like that.

The mind is a powerful dictator over what we do and if it is primed to set us up to fail (from old programming) just imagine the course of events that follows.

The clear winner will always be the mind…”whatever the mind believes will be conceived.”

Your journey to weight loss and fitness will be much easier if you align your mind beliefs with your goals and desires before taking action. Otherwise you are trying to make your body do something the mind is not aligned with – does not believe!

First things first –

Shift your mindset –

Take control of what your mind is focusing and placing priority on. Shift it away from weight-loss to understanding and focusing on the health aspect.

“Quick-fix” solutions are not the answer –

Accept the fact that you will have to put some work into this project.

It does not happen on its own nor does it happen overnight.

Let go of “black and white” thinking –

Exactly as it sounds, this type of thinking is extreme one way or another. You are either 100% in or 100% off. That translates to perfection or failure. Those are some tough standards to hold anyone to including you! The reality is, some days you’re more “on” than other days.

Give yourself room to be human – 

You are not a robot. Those who adopt this pattern of thinking set themselves up to fail. If you believe you are going to fail then that is what happens to you. Give yourself wiggle room but don’t look at it as “failure” but “growth.” It’s all about perception.

Realign your focus on health not weight loss

As you go through your day and make choices on what activities or foods you will eat, simply ask yourself this question: “what is this contributing to my health?”

When your mind is focused more on health, it’s much easier to continue these new healthy habits after you’ve reached your weight and fitness goals. If you are focused solely on weight-loss once you reach your goals you won’t have any reason to stick to the new program. It’s a mental exercise.

When you have health in mind, the motivation for eating right and exercising is better.

Get to know yourself –

If you have not already started, you must begin to listen to your “self-talk.” You cannot change what you do not know. So focus on what’s going on in your head, what are these voices telling you about yourself?

You may come to realize that you are not actually very kind to yourself. Remember the body listens to the mind so whatever your mind is relaying your body is following through with.

Shift your self-talk to the positive side – 

Be in control and get your mind supportive and encouraging you rather than working against you.

Gather your tribe –

Don’t be afraid to tap into your friends and family for support.

That’s the definition of a friend. When you have others rooting for you when things get difficult (and they will) you’ll have someone to vent to and help you to power through it. Without this type of support, you may just throw the towel in and never reach your goals.

You’ll not only have someone to turn to in tough times but you’ll have someone to share your happy, successful moments with making them that much sweeter.

Reaching your goals requires attention to your mindset first.  It is key to your success.

Starting a diet off (or workout routine) with a bad mindset is surefire strategy to fail in so it’s worth your while to take some time before you get started to make sure everything is in place and working for you rather than against you.

No matter what your passions or goals may be, one thing remains the same for all of us – our mindset is leading the way so its mindset that needs addressing first.

It’s time to take command of your life…emotionally, physically and mentally.

Reclaim Your Longevity can help you do just that…

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