If you think you can’t afford the time to hit the gym because of demanding work, personal activities, and appointments filling your busy schedule, it’s time to rethink. Whether you live for your work or work for a living, managing your health and fitness is critical and can make or break your success.

The truth is, if maintaining a successful life and career are important to us, we can’t afford not to work-out because research proves that there is a direct correlation between fitness and success. In other words, being physically fit improves our life on all levels.

Let’s face it, it takes lots of energy and stamina to get through the demands of our busy modern days. Successful people know this. They love starting their day with an abundance of energy and are aware of the direct relationship between healthy fitness levels and their productivity.

These wise entrepreneurs know that jump-starting their day with a challenging work-out is key to increasing productivity and the source of their high energy, self-confidence and self-esteem.,

Both stress and fatigue levels are reduced, stamina and energy increases and the ability to solve problems are all enhanced.

Stress is no laughing matter. It is one of the leading energy drains we experience daily. The better we can manage stress levels, the more energy we’ll feel and that energy results in better productivity. These are not frivolous claims, but scientific fact.

Taking responsibility for our personal fitness levels results in healthier eating too. When in tune to our body, we care about and are much more aware of the foods we are putting into it.

Hormonal Heaven –

Proper exercise is “hormonal heaven.” It releases endorphins that lift and improve mood while strengthening the immune system. We also benefit from the release of serotonin – the “happiness” hormone/chemical. If all this isn’t enough to entice us into regular work-outs, then possibly adding 7 years to our lifespan will.

The reality is, those who are physically active and physically fit live approximately 7 years longer than those who don’t. So, if longevity is important to us personally, then healthy fitness levels are mandatory.

An improvement in our fitness levels is an investment in our-self, one we can never lose. We look better (even our posture improves), feel more energized and radiate vitality, passion and purpose.

Developing and improving our health and fitness is a great stepping stone towards making more serious changes in other areas of our life. If we can develop the discipline to stick to our workout routine, keep challenging ourselves to do better and not allow excuses to derail us, we’ll feel empowered to do anything!

Creating self-discipline, achieving goals, sharpening the mind and treating the body with respect are all excellent attributes to cultivate and fitness is key to them all. Over time, fitness discipline can even change the trajectory of our life.

Ongoing studies reveal that financial and career success are all linked to health and fitness levels. This means that those who succeed in building their fitness levels up and taking care of their bodies are most likely to succeed in other things they put their minds to.

Bottom line is this: Taking the time to tend to our personal fitness level and nutrition has many payoffs when it comes to business success. In the end, better fitness means better health and better health means better business.

Ask any successful business person what their secret success strategy is and nine times out of ten you’ll get this answer – “fitness.” They understand that “fitness comes before success!” Fitness is what stimulates and feeds their energy, stamina and drive. It keeps their minds sharp, allowing them to make important business decisions with clarity.

No matter how we phrase it… “Successful people are more fit” or “Fit people are more successful,” the writings on the wall. Fitness equates to success in all areas of life.

It is, without a doubt, the greatest discipline on earth and prepares us mentally, physically and emotionally. We’ll be ready to handle and tackle the demands of a professional life and be prepared to be successful in all other areas of life as well.

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At just 10 minutes in length, if you cannot find a way to squeeze this kind of effective workout into your schedule every other day, it’s likely there’s not another one in all existence that could take it’s place.

After all, most things can only be made so simple before they just cannot be made to work at all!

– Carolyn “The 10-Minute Sandbag Workout” Hansen

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