Are you caught in the repetitive “yo-yo syndrome” of crash dieting? 

Do you continually adopt new kinds of “miracle, quick fix” diets only to find yourself back where you began?

If you want to see long-term success with your diet plan, so that you never have to go on another “diet’ plan again, you need to look beyond your focus and perspective on diet.

You’ll need to discover what you can do to push past your current “diet like behavior” and focus more on food quality…on feeding your body precisely what it needs, not taking away what’s not needed (that falls off naturally, once your perspective is in the right place – food quality not quantity).

Truth is, losing weight is about far more than just counting calories (yes, you must monitor your calories but there is more to it than that). Your focus needs to shift towards making smarter food choices on an ongoing basis and away from all quick-fix, temporary approaches, latest fads or “celebrity diets” that are intent on getting your attention and eventually your dollar without returning anything of value.

Adopting low calorie extreme diets (such as crash diets) or diet plans that have you doing something unrealistic (impossible to keep up) is a dangerous route to travel and leads to frustration and eventually defeat.

If you’re looking for long-term success (and why wouldn’t you?) you need a diet that goes with you where you go. It must be something that can translate into a lifestyle habit for you. Otherwise, whenever your normal schedule gets thrown off, such as enjoying an extravagant meal out with friends, you’ll be in danger of stepping away from your diet altogether, losing your momentum and gaining back all the weight you worked so hard to remove!

Your diet Mantra should be:

“I accept that I will have to work at getting to my goal weight (develop new lifestyle healthy habits) and I accept the fact that this not going to happen overnight (why would it?). It takes time – patience and love.

The body-weight you currently carry did not happen overnight and taking it off won’t happen overnight. The day you accept this reality, is the day your actions align with success.

For permanent weight-loss, your focus must shift from weight loss to health.

Once health becomes your priority (your perspective is now in a healthy place), you’ll realize that fast food burgers and fries, or that pizza you’re craving…regardless of your goal weight…will impact your overall heart health and as such is something that should be avoided if possible.

Put all food choices to the test.  Before indulging, ask yourself this question:

“How will this add to my health?” Will it move you ahead to living a healthier lifestyle or begin working against you?

Is it something (food choice or action) that you know will have to end at some point or another because it isn’t healthy to keep doing it?

Is it a crash diet that has you cutting out foods you should be eating in order to take off a few pounds quickly? In other words, is it a temporary fix or a permanent solution?

You can’t make healthy choices if they are not an option, so, planning ahead and having healthy choices on hand is key, for both meals and snacks. It’s much easier to choose them over unhealthy ones when they are within reach. Yes, it takes a bit of advanced planning. However, the rewards received in return pale in comparison.

Accentuate the positive!!

Place your focus entirely on what you should be eating and doing…not what you should not be eating.

This positive approach/perspective empowers you. It is the result of loving yourself. On the other hand, focusing on what you should not be eating aligns you with negative feelings and actions and the focus is on what you don’t like about yourself.

Developing long-term healthy habits should be your goal.

Combine the right foods with proper calorie intake and watch your fat disappear, your energy increase and your health shine.

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