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Whenever you make major lifestyle changes, including adopting a new exercise or strength training program you’ll likely go through 5 stages before succeeding.

Five Stages to Fitness Health:

Pre-contemplation –

As the title implies, at this stage, you are not yet contemplating or thinking about starting an exercise program or making any permanent lifestyle changes.

Contemplation –

At this stage you are intrigued by what you have heard about proper strengthening exercise and what it could mean for your life. A good friend or doctor may have stimulated your interest, You are now assessing your goals and examining what you want to get out of the program you are considering. It’s also a good time to address any possible obstacles that might surface and how you would deal with and overcome them when they do.

Preparation – Starting Your Journey –

This is the stage that you actively start preparing for your strength training journey. You examine your calendar and set specific days and times to exercise. You join a gym or fitness center or find appropriate space at home to do the exercises you are adopting. Any equipment you may need is researched and purchased at this time.

Action – Adopting the Program –

Things really start getting fun at this stage as you begin learning the exercises and performing them at least twice weekly. At this stage you begin to see the results of your hard work and start to notice physical changes. Motivation becomes easier as your clothes fit a little better. You feel stronger, more energetic and happier overall. As long as you are engaged in your exercise program, the “action stage” continues. After approximately 6 months of consistently doing your exercise program, you will move into the maintenance stage.

Maintenance – Staying On Track –

At this stage, your exercise program has become a way of life and there’s a good chance that you’ll find it hard to imagine not doing it. You’ll feel empowered and want to continue because doing them makes you feel stronger, more energetic, independent and vitally alive. This energy boost and rise in self-confidence will have you taking up activities you had stopped doing years ago. Gardening, golfing, hiking, swimming, dancing or canoeing can become favorites once again. Even better than that, you’ll feel encouraged enough to try activities you’ll always wanted to do but put on the back-burner.


You’ll find yourself welcoming new and exciting adventures and activates into your life.


Example Timetable for moving through the first three stages:


Days 1-3: Contemplation stage – Discover and explore your chosen exercise/strength training program. Set goals for yourself

Days 3-7: Preparation stage – Purchase required equipment or gym membership. Examine calendar and set exercise schedule

Days 8-10: Action stage – Start your new program/routine

As you progress and get stronger, continue to add new strengthening exercises to your routine so that you keep stimulating and challenging yourself to greater heights.

Remember, making permanent changes in your daily routine and your life doesn’t necessarily come easy. You may get hung up in one stage or another along the way or you may even backslide a bit. The reality is, it is challenging. However, if you keep trying and stay with it eventually you’ll nail it. Your reward for perseverance and effort will pay off in ways you’ve never imagined.

Begin your journey today. It’s all there for you – just reach out, take it and make it yours.

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