Hormones are the bodies regulators, regulating every system in the human body.

HGH or GH –  Human Growth Hormone is one of the most important and complex hormones the body produces.  It is critical for building a lean, muscular body, strengthening bones, repairing tissue, boosting sex drive and mood, maintaining overall health and fitness and even slowing the aging process.

HGH is highly active during puberty and continues to play an active role in our health until the day we die but at different levels.

In puberty, the brain boosts the production of HGH secretion causing children to grow into adolescents. This triggers sex hormones. Girls produce high levels of Estrogen and begin menstruation and breast production and boys produce high levels of Testosterone which produces facial hair growth, stronger muscles and a deeper voice.

After puberty, HGH production drops so that the body maintains a state of hormonal homeostasis, encouraging optimal function. This period last approximately 10-15 years through our late twenties into our early thirties. It’s at this point that HGH production and release slowly but steadily declines. By the time, we reach our mid-forties, HGH production has dropped considerably.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase your HGH levels. You can medically restore them using injections, sprays, pills or supplements or you can use more natural means to boost your levels up.

Boosting HGH Levels Naturally:

For most of us, the natural route to boosting HGH is the way to go.

Vigorous, challenging spurts of exercise such as weight lifting have a positive impact on the release of Human Growth Hormone because the body uses HGH to break down and release lactic acid from muscles (lactic acid results from vigorous exercise).

So, simply pushing your body to its limits for brief periods of time kicks in the release of HGH. The amount of HGH released depends on the number and size of the muscles you work. The muscles of your core and your legs are very effective at boosting HGH levels making weight lifting the perfect exercise.

But proper exercise is not the only way to release this age extending hormone.

Diet plays an important role too. Unhealthy diets are associated with higher levels of insulin production.  Although insulin and HGH are both hormones, they are rather antagonistic towards one another. The more insulin the body produces, the less HGH it releases.

Insulin also decreases the effectiveness of any HGH that already exists in your body. Because simple sugars and carbs lead directly to insulin spikes that antagonize healthy HGH, you can actually regulate insulin production by avoiding foods that are high in sugar or have high levels of simple carbs.

And, let’s not forget about sleep. Vigorous exercise boosts HGH levels but good quality sleep is the most effective way to maintain normal levels of HGH. In fact, the body’s ability to make its own HGH is severely compromised when you sleep poorly.

HGH is produced at higher levels during sleep time than any other time of the day. Poor sleep also messes with your cortisol levels causing them to peak at abnormal times. High cortisol levels (normally present when we wake) prevent us from sleeping soundly. Without sound sleep, our body doesn’t get the benefit of the healing HGH that it desperately needs.

You can regain vitality, muscular strength, endurance and lead a higher quality of life.

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