We all know of people who stay slim despite eating anything they want. What gives? It’s because of their fast metabolism (the body’s engine). They burn more fuel (calories) not only when they are exercising but when they are sitting on the couch watching television or sleeping unlike those with slow metabolisms.

Most of us would like to be in their shoes. We want to increase our own metabolism so we can eat more food without gaining excess weight like these “fortunate people.” Well, the great news is, you can. Even if we’ve not been blessed by the fast metabolism gods, there are pro-active steps we can take to help boost and increase our own metabolism for faster calorie/fat burning.

The equation is simple:

To kick metabolism in and get off the slow metabolism merry-go-round, you’ll need the effect of metabolic boosting exercise (strength training) combined with metabolic stimulating foods (natural whole foods). Both of these things continued over a period of time is what shifts your metabolic motor into consistent action.

Strength Training Exercise

There are so many positive things that strength training does for the body and kicking in the metabolism is one of them.

This is the only type of exercise that can increase metabolism any significant amount.

In fact, it actually kicks metabolism up to 15 percent which increases your daily calorie burn by a hundred or so more calories. This may not sound much but over the course of weeks and months this can be the difference between remaining over-fat and overweight or being able to slowly but surely reclaim your slim trim body.

Your muscle tissue is highly active tissue and when strong and toned it generates more heat from metabolic activity which in turn automatically increases metabolism. Where there is increased heat there is increased fat burning.

Think of your muscles as your very best friends as they have the power and capability to increase metabolism and get and keep you slim like nothing else can.  They are little fat burning factories that work hard for you burning up your excess body fat. All you have to do to keep them working at peak performance is to keep them toned with regular strength training exercise. This is what increases metabolism.

Even a small boost in overall muscle tone can boost metabolism. In fact, just 2-3 strength training sessions each week are all that’s needed to give you a more efficient metabolic motor.

On the exercise front not doing any muscle building or maintaining activity or only doing long duration, low intensity activity does nothing to increase metabolism. Strength training is key.


Proper Healthy Eating

Things that won’t increase metabolism are a poor diet. Eating the wrong types of foods and too much of them, any sort of low calorie dieting or not eating enough protein do nothing to increase metabolism. In fact, they decrease it.

Unfortunately, when overweight people decide to lose weight, the first thing they do is go on a restrictive diet of some kind. That’s what they know, it’s what they’ve been taught. However, the body senses this sudden lack of food and switches on its protective mechanism called “starvation mode.” This slows down metabolism and increases appetite – the exact opposite of what should be going on in order to drop excess weight.

This “hormonal” reaction is a left over from the blueprint we’ve had since our ancient ancestors when low calories meant scarcity of food. Our bodies are still hardwired to go into this “reactive” energy saving mode when it feels threatened in order to  make what little food there is go a long way. If that isn’t bad enough, if the condition continues too long the body begins consuming its own muscle tissue for energy. This lowers your metabolic rate even more dramatically and hinders your ability to increase it.

This combination of factors means that you’ll not only need less food to maintain your body-weight (so, you have to continually eat less and less), but you’ll also put on excess body fat much more easily in the future. To prevent this happening, you need to increase your metabolism and that means being active. But being in this awful “dieted” state makes the body tired physically and mentally, decreasing any motivation to be active. The result is you expend even less energy and gain weight even more easily.

There is no quick-fix weight loss or health solution. It’s plodding away each day planning and preparing your meals and exercise timetable to fit in to your busy life and carrying them through to action that increases metabolism and helps you achieve your weight loss goals in the long run.

Focus on getting healthier rather than simply losing weight. It’s the overall health improvement that strength training and healthy eating offers that increases metabolism.

Get your health on track and give your body what it takes to stay strong. You can boost your metabolism and overall heal by taking command of your life now by keeping your muscles in tip-top condition…strong and toned at all times. Proper exercise along with healthy proper eating are the critical players. If you want to be strong, active and well beyond your eighties, you cannot ignore what’s going on with your body now.

“Reclaim Your Longevity” can help you do just that…

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