appleLooking for foods that give you an energy boost and keep you going all day long without turning to sugar, caffeine drinks and other unhealthy habits that only leave you deflated a short while later?

Truth is, the amount and types of foods you consume each day plays an integral role in your daily energy levels.

Here’s 7 of the best quick and easy energy boosting healthy foods/snacks/drinks you can consume…

Lemon Water: Studies have actually shown that you can get a key mood boost by being hydrated. Let’s face it, when your body is dehydrated it feels tired and fatigued. Adding lemon to your water transforms regular water into one packed with electrolytes.

Whole Grains: Your body needs carbohydrates as fuel (carbs provide 60% of the energy needed to make your body go) but the kind of carbohydrate you choose is what really matters. You need to steer clear of processed carbs like white bread and pastries that deliver quick blasts of energy only to leave you totally deflated a short while later. Wholegrains like those found in oatmeal give you sustained energy because they take longer to digest. So, start your day with a high-fiber cereal or oatmeal and bring some whole-grain snacks (such as homemade granola bars) to munch on for your afternoon energy boost.

Protein: For more sustained energy and to slow your digestion down even further, eat protein with your carbs. Yogurt is a great choice when mixed with homemade granola.

Nuts: Nuts are always a great choice to boost energy and get you through the day just be aware of their calorie content and don’t overdo it. Nuts provide protein (once again it’s a slow burning food and staves off hunger), a wealth of nutrients and fiber. Easy to carry along and enjoy as your much needed energy boost to finish your day out. Almonds are a stand out in the nut world providing us with magnesium as well as B vitamins that help convert food to energy. If you tire easy when exercising, it may very well be due to your low magnesium level. The different nut butters readily available these days (such as almond and cashew) make nut butter on whole grain bread a perfect snacking choice.

Fruits: Fruit is a great choice for a quick energy boost because of its natural sugar content as well as its generous offering of fiber and another excellent source of healthy carbohydrates. Packed with a variety of minerals and vitamins such as A and C, it’s sweetens up any morning smoothie and helps to keep blood sugar levels steady. Fruit is also the perfect quick choice to grab and take to work. Better to be reaching for a banana or apple than that vending machine. Try mixing a handful of nuts with dried fruits for a healthy midday afternoon snack that offers a super boost to your energy. Or simply enjoy a banana or apple slices topped with nut butter of choice for the perfect well-rounded snack and energy boost.

Veggies: Enjoy a dark green leafy spinach salad for lunch and you’ll get a boost of energy production from the iron it provides. Dark greens are always a great choice.

Beans: Beans are both protein and complex carbs and provide us with iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and B vitamins that all support healthy metabolism. Puree them to make a great dip for your fresh veggies or add to your salads. Black bean dip or some other homemade bean dip (to control the sugar used) is a great choice for an afternoon energy booster.

You can recharge your body’s batteries and shift your body into high gear the healthy way and avoid those high calorie caffeine drinks and sugary snacks that do nothing but drop you on your “butt” a short while later leaving you feeling worse than ever.

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