food dehyratorLooking to bump up your intake of life giving vitamins and minerals? Look no further than the modern home food dehydrator. This appliance is becoming a very hot trend – and, for good reason.

Food dehydrators are exceptionally easy to use and take little time to dry your foods. They can very quickly and easily make a wide variety of delicacies that provide you with healthy and nutritious treats that boost your immune system.

Proper dehydration using a food dehydrator removes about 75% of the moisture while retaining nearly 100% of the vitamins and minerals that were present when freshly bought.

They are able to retain the alkalinity of fresh foods as well as inhibiting the growth of dangerous micro-forms like bacteria. However, bear in mind that it is always better to over-dry than to leave excess moisture in.

Once your food has been properly dehydrated there are steps you must adhere to in order to get the long shelf life you should from these foods. First off, they must be stored inside airtight, moisture-proof containers of some sort such as jars and bags and kept in a dark but cool place such as a cupboard or pantry or even basement shelves if you have a basement.

If properly stored, you can expect to get about 30 years or more from your dehydrated pastas, fruits and veggies as well as grains such as rice, corn and wheat that have been properly sealed and stored. For other substances such as milk or milk substitutes expect to get about 20 years shelf-life.

Without a doubt, food dehydrators will allow you to experience a higher quality of life while enjoying multiple health benefits and when you consider the highly over priced dried fruits and veggies that you find at your local market it just makes sense to create these yourself. Not only will you save a bundle of money but you’ll be in total control of the resultant product and can make sure that the heat that was used while hydrating was not too high nor is there any unneeded additives like excessive salt, sugar or any dangerous chemical content that is often found in commercially made dehydrated products.

Additionally, all those fruits and veggies that don’t get eaten and headed for the trash bin (have you ever even estimated how much money goes into your garbage can weekly?) can be put into a food dehydrator and tuned into a healthy treat such as “real” fruit leathers or just dried fruit snacks. And, food dehydrators are not limited to just drying fruits and veggies. You can create your own delicious gluten and sugar free crackers and cookies using this appliance too.

Kids love to eat what they have had a hand in preparing so, get your kids involved in this healthy process. This encourages them to eat and enjoy healthier snacks that are crunchy and unsalted such as apple or peach chips, dried Kale, tomatoes and strawberries etc. Let them feel first hand what a difference it makes to eat healthy food choices rather than those that deplete our life force. Their energy levels will soar while their bodies cash in on the dense nutrient value that dehydrated foods provide us.

The rising popularity of this appliance has made it readily available to anyone who wants to benefit from its many life giving properties. There is definitely one for every price range.

And, with the ready availability of Amazon and Ebay where you can often find good used ones or reconditioned ones, there is no reason not to cash in on this exploding trend and reap the many health benefits both for yourself and your loved ones. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

So, what are you waiting for?

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