workout tipsThose serious about seeing both body weight management and health management know full well that it’s both diet and exercise that count. They go hand in hand towards creating the body of your dreams.

If your diet is not giving your body what it needs, you won’t be able to perform optimally at the gym and therefore you’ll never see the results you desire from your workout program.

On the other hand, paying attention to diet but ignoring any type of exercise will cause you to store the food you eat as excess fat rather than building the lean muscle mass you should be building.

It doesn’t take hours at the gym to see fantastic results. If you are doing the absolute most effective exercises each and every time you are in the gym it only takes about 30 minutes a day to experience the results you are after.

Here’s some workout tips that will help you go that extra mile during your workout routine:

Weights First, Cardio Second: Weight lifting needs to come first and then your cardio because weight lifting is going to be more intense and the one you want to have the most energy for. It will also use up the glucose in your body so when you do your cardio training you have a better chance of burning up excess fat rather than storing it.

Perform Full Body Workouts: Full body workouts require the lowest overall time commitment in the gym and are ideal for making sure you are burning up calories as fast as possible. Additionally, because you are working so many muscle groups at once, you will be burning far more calories after you are done.

Isolation Exercises Should Be Minimized: Isolation exercises burn few calories compared to compound exercise and won’t produce the fat loss results you’re likely looking for. Compound movement need to be the foundation of your program. Only add a few isolation movements toward the very end.

Don’t Neglect Body-weight Exercises: While it’s true that weight training activities using free weights are generally superior in terms of improving overall strength and boosting metabolic rate, you can also perform a variety of challenging body-weight exercises as well.

Try placing your hands on an exercise ball and perform a series of push-ups. Or consider doing a set of pull-ups possibly using a weighted vest if you need additional challenge. Both of these are body-weight exercises that utilize all the main muscle groups in the upper body giving you a very complete workout in a short period of time.

Exercise Early: Those who exercise early on in the day before tending to other activities tend to stick with it better because it’s more likely to become a part of your everyday routine like showing or brushing your teeth. If you leave it to later in the day, there’s always a chance that something will crowd it out of your schedule and prevent you from getting it in. You’ll also get a bonus metabolic boost to start your day with. Make it a priority.

Add Instability: The less stable your body is, the harder it’s going to be to keep yourself balanced which means you need to have a greater overall core engagement. Try performing some exercises on a single leg. Performing single leg split squats, single leg dead-lifts, or even lateral raises while standing on one leg will increase the total tension places on the core muscles as you go about the movement pattern. Incorporating an exercise ball into your routines adds instability also.

Those who use the right approach experience the maximum fat burn and permanent weight loss. They also see far greater success with their workouts and even enjoy the process while they are at it.

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