cookiesEating harmful foods is actually more detrimental to your health than just not eating the right ones because some foods are downright dangerous especially when consumed daily.

Sadly, many people simply are not aware of how much harm some of the foods they eat are doing to their bodies so they continue their damaging habits of consuming them on an ongoing basis.

If you’re after stellar health and long life, there are a few problematic foods that must be removed from your diet plan. It takes a high amount of effort and constant resilience to start cutting out foods out that you’ve been eating for years, especially those that are connected in some way to your emotions. However, every “no’ you put forth, every time you turn away from food that you should not be eating, you take a huge step in the right direction and make your resolve that much stronger.

 On the other hand, if you continue with your damaging eating habits and neglect your diet long enough, you’ll find yourself stuck with certain health conditions for life like diabetes.

You should begin by eliminating foods that contain trans-fats. It is the worst kind of fat you can consume and intricately connected to cancer development so don’t take it lightly. High fructose corn syrup is another no-brainer and a must-avoid food source that you need to avoid at all costs as is white flour, alcohol, baked goods and fried foods.

Baked are usually high in calories and loaded with sugar, white flour and rich in saturated fats. Deep fried foods are also high in calories and unwanted fats and they too can contain added sugars. With so many other healthier methods of preparing foods available there’s no reason to turn to fried foods.

Unfortunately, many people are still tricked into believing the “fat-free” gimmick that manufacturers and marketers have perfected. Truth is, the fat-free varieties of foods that you see displayed front and center in the local supermarket are many times just a code for sugar laden foods.

Let’s face it, if you are eating foods that are fat free but still high in total sugar content you’re reversing all the good that you are doing.

Yet, many dieters and weight conscious people flock to these eye-catching displays just because the words “fat free” are splashed all over it. Some even indulge and eat more than they normally would because they’ve been duped into believing it’s a “safe food.”

Furthermore, if these so called “fat free foods” contain sugar or artificial sweeteners you may actually do yourself more harm as far as health and aging are concerned then you would if you had just chosen the regular full fat variety.

Stop and think twice before reaching for those “fat-free foods.” Check every label. If it contains a long list of ingredients it’s by no means a healthy fat free choice.

On the other hand, if it’s fat free by nature, such as fresh fruits and vegetables are then it’s definitely a healthy choice. If it’s fat free because it’s been made that way, walk away.

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