Do you see dieting and losing weight as a one time event? Many overweight people do. They perceive it as something that you start (such as a diet) make some necessary short-term changes to your food intake then end it when the excess fat weight is lost.

And, that’s where the problem begins.


Warped Mentality

Once the weight is off, this type of mentality, has you returning to your old eating and exercise habits – the very same ones that put the extra pounds on in the first place!

If you do not make longer term changes to improve your metabolism (the body’s engine) the weight you lost simply comes back on again. You might even end up with a few extra pounds than when you started because your body increases its storage of fat deposits in case there is another food shortage around the corner (a new diet.)

Truth is, losing weight permanently has nothing to do with food restriction, low fat, carbohydrates or low calories. If your goal is to lose weight then these types of  ‘fad’ diets are the worst thing you can embark on. Following these kinds of eating regimes will only make your weight issue worse because it damages your metabolism (your fat burning mechanism).


Whether you want to believe it or not, diets throw your metabolism out of whack and make you fatter.


Every time you go on a new diet, all you do is teach your body to store fat better and hang on to it tighter, making you unhealthier at the same time. Each time you mess around on the weight gain/loss merry-go-round you are taking backward steps. You will not be addressing the problem at the root – and you will not be making your body fat resistant for the future.


Your time, money and effort needs to be spent preventing your body from becoming overweight in the first place, not going on/off some crazy diet. To achieve this you need to get healthier so that fat burning hormones are doing their job and are not overridden by fat storing ones.


Reset Your Metabolism

Eating less is only part of the picture in the weight loss war. You need to reset your metabolism and make it fat resistant. To do that you need the right combination of “metabolism-rebuilding” proper strength training exercise 2- 3 times each week supported by a metabolism stimulating healthy eating plan.

In fact, metabolism boosting strength training exercise is your best fat loss friend

These two strategies need to be done consistently over time to help you to lose fat and more importantly to keep it off for the long haul.

Getting healthier and strengthening your metabolism so it is fat resistant never has an end goal. Having a healthy body composition (muscle/fat ratio) does not happen like that. There is no goal to reach for nor time that you will stop…it is an ongoing lifestyle.

The exercise and healthy eating changes you make must fit into and around your life in order to become long-lasting and permanent. You cannot switch them on then off again as it is about what you do ‘most’ of the time not what you do ‘some’ of the time.

Making changes so you can maintain a healthier metabolism will not happen overnight. If you are currently overweight it could take anywhere from 1-3 years to reach a new healthier body weight. So patience is needed.


Rather than think short-term diet start thinking a metabolism tune up. This way you are coaxing your body to burn more fuel (calories) each day so it becomes fat resistant. 


You’ll finally have the freedom you are looking and you won’t have to pay constant attention to how you are going to lose that excess fat weight that wants to consistently creep back on.

Think healthy and long-term when planning and fat loss will definitely follow.

Combine your exercise program with a satisfying whole-foods nutrition plan that supports your strength training program and you have the perfect formula for sustaining a healthy slim body for life.

Isn’t it time to throw away all the false statements you’ve accepted about dieting and exercise and learn what it really takes to take weight off and keep it off for good…

“Rebound Free Weight-Loss” can help you do just that…

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