Your Omentum and Belly Fat

By | 2017-12-11T12:12:26+00:00 November 13th, 2017|Anti Aging Exercise, Depression, Disease Prevention, Healthy Balanced Eating, Metabolism, Sedentary Lifestyles, Weight Loss|

Most people have no idea that they have a physical organ in their belly that is responsible for storing fat. Measuring approximately 14 inches in length and 10 inches in width, this layer of fatty tissue is called the omentum. This "belly fat bag" is a slow motion regulator of bodily processes. Rather firm [...]

Take Advantage of Your Metabolic Furnace…

By | 2017-10-09T15:57:37+00:00 July 24th, 2017|Anti Aging Exercise, Habit, Happiness, Metabolism|

Do you exercise regularly in hopes of ridding yourself of excess weight but your excess weight doesn’t budge? You’re in good company. Thousands of people exercise daily under the mistaken belief that all exercise is the same, therefore all results are the same. The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth. Although any [...]

Weight, Habits and Metabolism…

By | 2017-10-09T15:57:37+00:00 April 16th, 2017|Anti Aging Exercise, Disease Prevention, Healthy Balanced Eating, Metabolism, Weight Loss|

  Do you see dieting and losing weight as a one time event? Many overweight people do. They perceive it as something that you start (such as a diet) make some necessary short-term changes to your food intake then end it when the excess fat weight is lost. And, that's where the problem begins.   [...]

Protein Power…

By | 2017-10-09T15:57:39+00:00 January 22nd, 2017|Disease Prevention, Healthy Balanced Eating, Hormones, Metabolism|

Macro-nutrients are the nutrients that make up the foods you consume over the course of the day. Proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fats all fall into this category. When you begin any kind of resistance training, it's very important that you get a good division of these nutrients. Each nutrient has a unique role to play [...]

Get Rid of Body Fat and Reshape Your Body Into Something You Love

By | 2017-10-09T15:57:39+00:00 January 8th, 2017|Anti Aging Exercise, Disease Prevention, Metabolism, Proper Exercise, Weight Loss|

We live in a society focused on appearance. We love beauty in all shapes and sizes and admire those whose bodies are lean, symmetrical and firm. Although it’s too easy to pass this off as “great genes” which in our thoughts releases us from any responsibility, we know in our hearts that it took hard [...]

2 Simple Metabolism Boosting Solutions

By | 2017-10-09T15:57:39+00:00 December 25th, 2016|Anti Aging Exercise, Disease Prevention, Metabolism, Proper Exercise, Self-Care, Weight Loss|

We all know of people who stay slim despite eating anything they want. What gives? It's because of their fast metabolism (the body’s engine). They burn more fuel (calories) not only when they are exercising but when they are sitting on the couch watching television or sleeping unlike those with slow metabolisms. Most of us [...]

Smart Nutritional Strategies

By | 2017-10-09T15:57:39+00:00 December 3rd, 2016|Disease Prevention, Hormones, Metabolism, Weight Loss|

  Trying to lose weight and take off excess fat? Nutrition plays a pivotal role in prepping the body for success with any weight/fat loss efforts because it has a large influence over hormonal status. Hormones rule. If your hormones are messed up, you can be sure you’ll be climbing a steep hill in your [...]

Key Principles for Permanent Weight/Fat Loss

By | 2017-10-09T15:57:40+00:00 August 28th, 2016|Metabolism, Motivation to Exercise, Proper Exercise, Weight Loss|

Trying to lose excess weight/fat but struggling to find the "working formula?" Long term success managing your weight starts with the right approach. Your goal should be to lose body fat without losing muscle tissue or sacrificing your health in the process. There are a few dynamic principles that you’ll need to adhere to in order [...]

Starving Yourself Causes More Damage Than Good…

By | 2017-10-09T15:57:41+00:00 July 15th, 2016|Habit, Healthy Balanced Eating, Metabolism, Self-Discipline, Weight Loss|

Just because we live in the age where food is at our fingertips we think we are well fed and well nourished. Unfortunately, one does not equate into the other because many of the easily obtainable and readily available foods are fast foods and convenience foods. These preserved convenience foods can sit on a shelf [...]

Essential Macro and Micro Nutrients…

By | 2017-10-09T15:57:42+00:00 June 11th, 2016|Disease Prevention, Healthy Balanced Eating, Metabolism|

Without a doubt, the most incredible machine ever created is the human body. Among all the amazing talents it displays, is the ability to break down the foods we eat into macro and micro nutrients so they can be reassembled and utilized. What exactly is a nutrient? Nutrients are chemical substances that come from the [...]

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