Habits of a good exercise program.

As you start doing your exercise program, there are certain habits you’ll want to build that will help ensure those workouts deliver the best possible results.

Healthy Exercise Habits:

Prioritize Form –

The first habit you must build is to prioritize proper form. Never give into ego. It may feel great to add 10 more pounds on the bar, but without proper form, the exercise performed is doing you no good at all.

Form is a must. If you don’t know what good form is on a particular exercise, it’s time to book a session with a qualified trainer. Exercise is only effective if it hits the muscles in the way it was designed to.

Good Breathing Habits –

You want to build the habit of breathing right while doing any strength training exercise. Holding your breath as you do your set (as many people do), is not correct. It will only leave you feeling light headed and near passing out. It also takes away/negatively effects the amount of strength generated).

Focus on the Mind Muscle Connection –

While you are actively working out, it’s important you are thinking about the muscle squeezing, contracting and relaxing that is occurring as it is performed in the moment. Don’t let your mind wonder. If your mind is thinking about your Friday night plans, or what you are doing after your workout, you won’t have the mind-muscle connection needed to perform your workouts with as much intensity as possible. After all, you’re giving most of your energy to your future plans and that leaves little if any to succeed at what you are doing now!

If you struggle to get a good mind-muscle connection try lowering the weight you are lifting. Trying to lift too heavy of a weight can cause you to lose the connection you desire. You can also touch the muscle you are working on (if one hand is free). Sometimes just feeling (using one of our senses) that contraction taking place helps to bring back that mind-muscle connection.

Watch the Clock – 

Keep tabs on the clock as you move through you session and don’t allow distractions to side-track you. If you schedule 30 seconds between sets, make sure you stick to it. If you allow it to go longer, it can impact the entire intensity of your session, making the whole workout much less effective.

Seek Help When Needed –

Don’t be shy about asking for help, especially when beginning. A trainer can teach you to do an exercise properly or even build an entirely new workout program. Asking for help is a healthy habit to get into.

Track Your Workout Sessions –

It’s important to keep tabs on how you are progressing. You’ll want to make sure the workout you are currently doing is better than the last. It’s all about making progress. It can also be an excellent motivational tool to use when you aren’t feeling so motivated.

It’s time to take command of your life…emotionally, physically and mentally.

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