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Re: Perhaps the most nutrition line of desserts yet...

Dear Dessert Lover,

Let's face it; life without dessert is, well, boring. Nothing tops off a great meal like a little plate of something sweet and delicious. But, if you're like me, you cringe at the thought of putting even one fork-full of processed sugar and chemical-laden GMOs into your body. And I don't blame you!
It Makes No Sense To Eat Healthy Meals And Then Ruin The Benefit With Nasty Desserts
Hi. My name is Carolyn Hansen, and I'm a world-renown fitness specialist. I've published several thousand articles on strength training, nutrition, healthy eating and fat loss. I'm also the author of many weight loss books, including the Weight Loss Motivation Bible, 21 Days to Healthy Eating and Reclaim Your Longevity.

Of everything I've ever written, my new book might be the most important one you'll ever read. Here's why:

Nearly everyone likes a treat. Whether it's after a meal, after exercising, or even after an argument or break-up, there's something physically and mentally satisfying about popping a bit of dessert in your mouth. The problem is, it's nearly impossible to find a dessert that isn't filled with ingredients that will eventually poison you in one way or another.

And that's why I'm so pleased to introduce my new book:
50 Desserts With Hidden Vegetables
Paleo Friendly, No Bake, No Sugar, Gluten Free, Super Healthy Recipes
I'm a dessert junkie. I admit it. But there's no way I'm going to undo all my healthy eating and my healthy lifestyle by feeding sugar and chemicals into my body.

That's why I painstakingly developed and kitchen-tested each of these healthy and delicious dessert recipes filled with only 100% pure goodness.

Have diabetes or pre-diabetes? No sugar here!

Have gluten intolerance? No gluten here!

Short on time? These no-bake recipes and fast and easy!

These 50 easy-to-follow recipes will make your sweet tooth beg for more, and you won't have any problem telling it "Yes!"

Craving fudge? My fudge bar and fudge frosting recipes will make you smile. Chocolate bars? We've got 'em. Cupcakes? Wait until you taste my orange corn recipe. You won't believe something that tastes so good could be so good for you.

Look. I won't waste your time filling your stomach with boring foods that you have to convince yourself are really desserts. Every one of my kitchen-tested, friends- and neighbor-approved sugar- and gluten-free dessert recipes are 100% healthy and 500% yummy. I guarantee it.

Oh, before I forget. For you ice cream fanatics - lose the store-bought chemical pits and get ready to taste what I call my Ice Cream of the Gods! Not only will it solve your ice cream urges over and over, there's no ice cream machine needed. Like every other recipe in my book, it's quick, easy and guaranteed healthy!

So go ahead, start eating the treats you want and deserve without destroying your body in the process. Download your copy of 50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies and get reacquainted with your sweet tooth!
How Much Does "50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies" Cost?
If you have already spent a small fortune on other dessert recipe collections, put your wallet away. This is the last plan you will ever need!

You're going to pay a one time fee of only $14.95 to get full access to the complete 50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies guide - and you don't have to make a trip to the bookstore to get your hands on it.

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Yes! Please Help Me Learn How To Lose
50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies!
I will be downloading 50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies right to my computer instantly and all for a one-time payment of $14.95.

Think about it: you KNOW this is the right approach to replacing the junk food in your life. You have heard all the experts repeat time and again that vegetables are the key to making the transition to healthy eating - and that is exactly what this dessert recipe collection was designed to do - get you eating healthy paleo-friendly desserts so that you can avoid the traditional desserts that you know are so bad for your health.

What have you go to lose?
My 30-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee
Simply download your copy of 50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies right now for just $14.95. Then take a FULL 30 DAYS to read the product from cover to cover, and digest all of the information.

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That's how sure I am that you won't find desserts that are healthier or taste better than the ones in my book.

Don't wait another minute! Download 50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies and uncover the direct connection between wellness and nutrition and watch your life take a dramatic turn for the better. This is how you get started on the path to enjoying a happier, healthier life!

To Your Success,

Author, Health And Business Expert, Fitness Centre Owner, & National Champion Bodybuilder
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I hope that by now you recognise that this guide will be a valuable resource that never goes out of date and which will prove its worth over and over again.

To Your Success

Carolyn Hansen

P.S. P.S. Remember - Every one of my kitchen-tested, friends- and neighbor-approved no bake, sugar- and gluten-free dessert recipes are 100% healthy and 500% yummy. I guarantee it. Download your copy of 50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies now.