To Anyone Who Has Wanted To Leave Their Mark On The World But Has Yet To Figure Our Exactly How To Do So:

Are You Haunted By The Idea That You Don't Have A Creative Bone In Your Body?

If you think THAT'S true, you are selling yourself short. The fact is, everyone possesses creativity. It's just that, for some, creativity is buried so deeply inside they never have a chance to tap into it. But that is all about to change...

From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen
Re: How To Ignite The Creative Spark Inside You

Creativity is the process of taking an idea and bringing it to life. It could be an idea for a new product, new business, new TV show, new hairstyle, or an entirely new you! Whatever it is you can imagine, you can do. You just need to harness your creativity.

It's hard to talk about developing your creativity without talking about your subconscious mind. That's because your subconscious mind never sleeps.

It is constantly processing your thoughts and beliefs and working hard to make them come true. We all know that if we truly BELIEVE we can do something, we usually make it happen.

And that's the way it is with our powers of creativity. It starts with believing we have them.

The creative process is like a "mental muscle." If you don't use it, it loses its strength. But, just like a muscle, you can exercise your creativity and build it into a powerhouse that can fuel your happiness, self-worth and wealth.

Here's an exercise plan for your creativity:

carolyn hansen Hi, I'm Carolyn Hansen, a serial publisher and noted health, fitness and motivational expert.

My latest book was specifically written for those of you who've fooled yourselves into thinking you "haven't got a creative bone in your body."

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