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Discover The Direct Connection Between Wellness And Wealth And Watch Your Life Take A Dramatic Turn For The Better!

Most people are not aware that achieving good health and a having a lifestyle where money is plentiful are inseparably intertwined. In fact, unless you know how to carefully fit these two puzzle pieces together, it is unlikely you will ever achieve all that you want in life.

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carolyn hansen Dear Friend,

Most people are taught that diet and exercise are the keys to better health. And while they both do play an important role in wellness, that's only half a solution.

Your body, your mind, and all that goes on around you work together to make your life better or worse. And the direction your life moves in is entirely under your control.
Are You Seeking Good Health?
Do you want to be thinner, healthier and more attractive? Do you want to wear clothes that you are proud of and that you can afford? You'll never reach those goals unless your physical, emotional and financial needs are all in balance. I can show you how to achieve that.
Are You Seeking Wealth?
I'm not talking about having piles of money. But how about simply reaching a point in your life where you are comfortable? How about having what you need and making life decisions based on what you want and not what you can afford?
It's a one-of-a-kind ebook that reveals the exact connection between your physical, emotional and financial health. Most people don't know these secrets, but a select few do. And now you can be one of them.

Healthier You, Wealthier You explains in easy to understand language why:
  A strenuous workout 5 - 6 times a week may actually be worse for you than you think.
  Quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to the people you let into your life.
  The way you handle finances today may be deeply rooted to your past.
  Your financial situation affects more than just your wallet.
In addition to showing you how to chart a course leading to a more balanced life, Healthier You, Wealthier You includes self-help assessments, suggested workout routines, and a big dose of healthy eating tips worth the price of the book alone.

And then there is this priceless bonus waiting for you when you download your copy of Healthier You, Wealthier You:
10 Lessons From The Wealthy and Successful
You will discover exactly how the wealthiest people live their lives and how you can live yours the same way. You will know what to embrace, what to avoid and how to combine your physical, emotional and financial self into one unified healthy person.
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