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From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen
Re: How To Tap Into Your Very Own Fountain Of Youth

carolyn hansen Dear Youth Seeker,

The quest for eternal youth drives a multi-billion-dollar anti-aging industry of treatments, injections, pills, masks and more. Problem is, none of these products are designed to help you restore balance in your life.

Stress, indulging in bad habits like smoking and alcohol, and eating the wrong foods will sap your energy, endanger your health, and make you look and feel YEARS OLDER than you are!

Believe it or not, you won't find the best anti-aging defense system at the cosmetics counter. For a pure, safe, natural solution, head to your grocery store. That's where you'll find all of the all-natural antioxidants, macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to look better, perform better, and feel better, too.
It's true! Getting the beautiful body makeover you want is a simple matter of knowing the right foods to eat and which to avoid.
Next time you need a pick-me-up snack, should you grab a handful of jelly beans or a juicy red apple? You probably know that the apple is better. But do you know why? The answer might surprise you.
It's all explained in The Anti-Aging Compendium: 99 of the Best Foods - 10 of the Worst - a concise yet comprehensive summary of the best foods you can eat to age gracefully and the TEN worst things you can put in your mouth. There's even an entire chapter devoted to avoiding the negative health issues associated with something you likely eat every day.

Download The Anti-Aging Compendium: 99 of the Best Foods - 10 of the Worst now and you'll learn which foods give you longer-lasting energy so you can make it through the day. You will learn why your body needs protein and you will discover some tasty non-chicken sources of this important nutrient. You'll also learn the difference between nutrient-dense and low nutrient-density foods and how your body reacts to each.

The Anti-Aging Compendium: 99 of the Best Foods - 10 of the Worst will help you to:
  Put the brakes on the aging process by learning which foods benefit your body and which ones rob it of vitality.
  Wean your way off chemical peels, injections, laser treatments, exfoliators and other anti-aging "miracle cures" that promise to take years off your looks but simply don't deliver.
  Identify the warning signs of food obsessions, eating disorders, nutrient depletion, and gluten intolerance - and learn ways to protect your body from these dangers.
  Build a "Fountain of Youth" right in your kitchen and reclaim the beautiful body you already possess.
  And more!
So What Is This Going To Cost Me Carolyn?
Truly, the more important question might be, if you do not pick up a copy of The Anti-Aging Compendium: 99 of the Best Foods - 10 of the Worst today, "What is the REAL cost of NOT knowing how to slow down the aging process and recover the years that are slipping away right now due to poor decisions about what you are putting into your body daily? Because it all adds up over time, and in a BIG way."

The Anti-Aging Compendium: 99 of the Best Foods - 10 of the Worst explains in easy-to-understand language why a diet rich in healthy nutritious food is your best weapon in the battle against age. The 99 foods listed in this book are good for you and they taste good, too!

Because you are here, reading this page right at this very moment, I know you are looking for answers. I know that you want the better life that you deserve, and to do it there is no better way than to shore up and extend the years ahead by tapping into your very own Fountain Of Youth.

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Follow the advice inside The Anti-Aging Compendium: 99 of the Best Foods - 10 of the Worst and you can look and feel years younger. It is that simple.
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To Your Improved Health and Long Life,

Author, Nutrition Expert, Fitness Centre Owner, & National Champion Bodybuilder
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Carolyn Hansen

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