Diets by definition are drawn out, calorie-restrictive and miserable affairs that nobody truly expects will work for the long term... Aren't they?

What If Your Diet Lasted LESS Than A Day And Allowed You To Eat What You're Eating Now, While You Barely Noticed You Were On It?

Do You Think You Could Make Your Ideal Body Weight On A Plan Like That?
From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen
Re: Activating The One Dieting Framework You're "Genetically Programmed" To Exploit...

carolyn hansen For a very long time I believed, quite incorrectly, that I understood everything I needed to know about diets.

It turned out I didn't know anything. And yet I was so confident about what I had learned over the years that I happily dispensed my advice on how best to eat for body weight maintenance to everyone who dared listen to me.

And why wouldn't they?

I was a fitness professional and expert nutritionist - someone who had trained for years as a competitive bodybuilder and subjected herself to an astonishing array of different diets to find out what works and what doesn't when it comes to ways to stimulate fat loss.

I had all the experience one could ever want to be able to dispense advice on what it takes to master your metabolism and lean your body down towards your ideal physique...

The trouble was, I'd missed something.

It's that something I'm going to tell you about in the remainder of this letter.

And when I'm done, when you've fully appreciated what I now know to be the key to sustainable fat burning using an almost effortless approach to "dieting", I believe that - if you're looking for a reliable and sensible approach to transitioning your body from where it is now to your desired ideal physique - you'll want to begin eating the way I do now. That's because:
  You'll be able to do it without having to worry about some artificial "end date" for your diet...
  You won't have to restrict yourself to foods you don't particularly enjoy eating...
  And you won't find yourself having to wrestle with food cravings that push you towards a state of utter distraction, if not abject misery...
The reason I can almost guarantee you'll want to adopt this new approach to eating is because I expect you'll likely experience the same kind of eating epiphany I did just a short time ago. You see:
It Wasn't Until I Began Traveling The World To Explain To Others HOW Diets Work That I Discovered How WRONG I Was!
It's easy to be seduced into thinking you've cracked the code and finally found a diet that will work for you. You've probably experienced this yourself more than once.

Perhaps the following scenario sounds uncomfortably familiar...

You chance upon a new dieting protocol that looks completely unlike anything you've tried before. It makes a certain kind of sense that THIS diet might be the one. After all, it has little in common with any of the diets you've implemented in the past, and they all failed you.

So right away the new diet has something going for it - novelty! The chance to produce a completely different outcome, which you're quietly confident will be that long-sought ideal body weight. Better yet, the chance to maintain it indefinitely.

I've been on that journey more times than I care to admit. And remarkably, I've achieved that ideal body weight on many occasions. I had to, my very career as a professional athlete depended on it.

But if I'm to be perfectly honest with you, I know now it wasn't the characteristics of the diet that shredded my physique, practically decimating the fat content of my body. It was sheer terror.

It was the notion of getting up on the stage in front of people and being thought of as fat. That prospect scared me more than the thought of having to starve myself weeks on end to get my body where it needed to go.

Maybe you've endured similar mental torturings yourself. Where you essentially convince yourself that up until now you've really just been a mental weakling, and the only reason you haven't "pulled it off" so far is that you've not tried hard enough. "Weight loss is not for wussies," you repeat to yourself in the mirror. "You've got this. There is no true reward in life without commitment and pain..."

Here's the thing I've learned over the years. This psychological trickery actually works - for a time. It just doesn't last. It can't. We're not designed to deal with endless bouts of mental warfare where the target of our aggressions is ourselves. That's the kind of battle nobody can win...

Eventually I wised up to this. After I stopped competing I taught myself the principles of healthy eating. I learned what foods pushed my body away from a healthy fat-burning metabolism, and which foods helped me stay in the zone. It worked. I wasn't dieting, I told myself. I was practicing a sustainable long-term approach to eating that virtually guaranteed I could maintain my body weight for as long as I wanted.

I got invited to conferences to share my story and the stories of the people who came into my gym seeking weight loss advice. Soon I was flying back and forth between the United States and my home city of Whangarei, here in New Zealand. I was happy to share my knowledge with those I thought I could help.

But after a while I began to notice something strange on returning from those trips - something I found kind of shocking...
Whenever I Traveled I Would Lose MORE Weight Than I Did Back Home Diligently Following My Healthy Eating Practices!
According to everything I'd learned over the years about how the human body works, this should not have happened. At home I operated a rigid schedule of working out in my gym three times a week - each session a vigorous 20-30 minutes of high-intensity strength training that stimulated my muscles and stoked my metabolism.

I also walked my dogs into the nearby hills several times a week. In short, I got plenty of calorie-burning exercise. And between the bouts of physical activity I ate healthy. VERY healthy. I've been a nutrition fanatic for more than 30 years, nourishing my body every day with healthy meals just like these:

chicken and steamed vegs

grass-fed beef burger

mediterranean salad

ham and avocado focaccia

nutty nectarine ice cream

banana walnut loaf

But whenever I left the country for two weeks I was forced to give up my carefully orchestrated healthy lifestyle...

I rarely ever got to workout on the road. I was simply too busy making social connections and attending conference sessions. And the food I was exposed to in America... Let's just say that the United States has a serious problem when it comes to providing travelers with anything remotely approaching a nutritious meal.

I'd get down to the lobby of my hotel each morning hoping to find a passably healthy breakfast to grab on the run, only to be greeted with trays overflowing with sweet sticky buns, pots of jam and butter, peaches and pears preserved in syrup, sugary fruit juices and cereals all colors of the rainbow...

In short, I was being plied with the exact heart-unhealthy processed foods that at home I would be telling my clients to avoid like the plague.

It didn't get much better once I left the hotel. Lunch and dinner appointments saw me grimacing at the smorgasbord, paralyzed over my decisions on how to choose the least offensive of the foods placed in front of me.
The Pure Hypocrisy Of The Eating Practices I Was Engaged In Wasn't Lost On Me...
There I was getting up in front of people during the day to tell them what NOT to eat, and just hours later I'd be shoveling it onto my plate and telling myself it was just a temporary aberration. Really not my fault at all...

But the most amazing thing about this situation is what I noticed on returning home. I'd step on the scale and find I was 10 pounds lighter.

Better yet, I felt great after those trips. I had more energy than when I'd hopped on the plane to leave the country. Then a few days later after returning to my regular "healthy" schedule I'd start feeling sluggish and weighed down. My energy rapidly dwindling...

I shrugged this off the first couple of times it happened. But after the third trip out of the country I realized something.

My body was sending me a message.

I just wasn't getting what it was trying to tell me. Now I really needed to know.

What the heck was going on?!
When I Finally Pieced It Together I Realized That A Healthy Diet Looks NOTHING Like The One I'd Preached More Than 30 Years...
On thinking it over I realized only ONE significant factor seemed to be contributing to the metabolic changes I'd experience each time I left the country.

It was that I would skip breakfast every day.

This wasn't a hard decision to make when I was traveling. I was excited to be in a different place every day, forging connections with new people and weighing fresh business opportunities...

So what if I skipped a plate of calorie-dense cheese danishes or French toast in the morning? Surely I could do without the skyrocketing blood sugar during the morning sessions. And in practice I scarcely noticed those missed breakfasts at all.

But my body noticed it.

The kind of breakfast I WASN'T eating when I was busy traveling...

I didn't realize it at the time, but skipping those breakfasts in the morning mimicked a natural eating practice known as intermittent fasting.

Instead of eating right after you get up in the morning you delay your first meal several hours. I was delaying mine by 4-5 hours every day, with perhaps the exception of a cup of coffee I'd sneak in between sessions.

Intermittent fasting is characterized by a daily fasting window that lasts for 16 or more hours.

This is in contrast to the more usual practice of going without food for 10-12 hours. In fact, it's not at all uncommon for people today to snack right up until the time they go to bed around midnight, in which case they're without food only for the time during which they sleep - about 8 hours, or HALF the minimum time associated with intermittent fasting.

And what's so special about 16 hours?

Well, it just happens to match fairly well an observation about eating windows associated with early man. In fact, it seems to be the case that:
The Fat-Burning Diet I Stumbled Onto Is The One Our Paleolithic Ancestors Depended On For Survival 50,000 Years Ago!
Scientists who study the lifestyle of our paleolithic ancestors (50,000-10,000 BC) think our eating habits have changed dramatically since our cave-dwelling days when food was far more scarce than it is today.

Back then, even during times when food was abundant (rarely) our ancestors likely prepared their final meal of the day before the sun went down. This would more or less have guaranteed a period of at least 12 hours before they had a chance to eat again when the sun came up.

On rising in the morning they might have skipped breakfast in favor of getting a rapid start on the day. After all, a hunter from a hunter/gatherer tribe is far less likely to be motivated to make a kill on a full stomach. If true, that would mean prolonged fasting until AFTER the food of the day was gathered might have been the normal practice in ancient times.

And this assumes our ancestors enjoyed food abundance. More than likely, this was the exception, not the norm (especially during the winter months), and they would routinely go a full day or more without any access to food.

The consequence of all this, played out over tens of thousands of years, is that our bodies likely evolved in such a way as to most efficiently metabolize our stored energy reserves (fat) using a fasting protocol that allowed for repeated exposure to periods of feast and famine.

And now that I've figured out just HOW it all works (more on that in a moment), I'm ready to tell you everything about how to make this incredibly robust and time-tested approach to maintaining a healthy body weight work for you...
Introducing A Literally Epoch-Defying Less-Than-A-Day Diet That Doesn't Require You To Give It All Up And Go Hungry...
What was the mistake I was making before I figured out why skipping breakfast seemed to improve my metabolism so much while traveling?

It was eating more often than my body required me to do.

I'm not talking about eating "3 square meals" versus the two I was eating while traveling. Long ago I figured out that one of the easiest ways to stabilize blood sugar and prevent the wild fluctuations of insulin that characterize diabetes and the swift march towards excess fat storage around the midsection is to eat as many as 5-6 smaller meals of 250-300 calories spaced evenly throughout the day.

This works beautifully if you never want to feel hungry and always have enough energy to draw upon when needed. I have been able to maintain a healthy body weight quite effectively over the years using this strategy. So have many of my personal fitness clients. It is a particularly-loved strategy of athletes who need to draw upon large reserves of energy.

But the high-frquency approach to meals has one major disadvantage going for it...

It's much less likely to stimulate fat burning than when you're "dieting" for at least 16 hours. That's because fasting, even for a relatively short period of time, uses up most of your glucose (blood sugar) reserves within the first six hours or so.

After that your body begins tapping into the glycogen reserves it stores in the liver and muscles. Then it begins burning fat which can be converted directly into glucose for energy use.

That's how my body was able to kick into high gear while on the road.

I might not have been able to workout while I was moving around, but I was always busy with social events. By the time I'd retire to my hotel room at the end of the day I would be exhausted and simply collapse into bed without taking time out for anything other than perhaps a cup of tea before sleep. In effect, I was following a 16-hour diet but never once was I aware I was doing it!

In other words you can go onto a fasting diet and scarcely even notice you're on it.

I certainly wasn't implementing it very effectively either while I was traveling. That's one of the advantages of going through the book - you'll get to learn exactly what NOT to do when you're following a short fasting protocol to promote fat loss.

And don't worry - there are a number of myths that surround the concept of fasting (even for short periods) that simply are not true.

Myths like these:
  It will put your body into "starvation" mode.

NOT TRUE - In fact most people quickly get used to a few extra hours of fasting tacked onto what they're already doing.
  It will make you ravenous with hunger.

NOT TRUE - There's simply not enough time during a 16-hour fast for that to ever happen.
  It will cause you to overeat between fasts.

NOT TRUE - Because you're ALLOWED to eat more during the window allocated to feeding youself. No calorie counting, remember?
  It will break down muscle tissue.

NOT TRUE - Your body only catabolizes muscle after it has exhausted all glucose-generating mechanisms, and that takes MUCH longer than a day!
  It deprives your body of nutrients.

NOT TRUE - You get to eat nutrient-rich meals during your 8-hour eating window. Your body is deprived of nothing!
  It will cause your blood sugar to plummet.

NOT TRUE - If your blood sugar begins to drop during the fast your liver will kick in and convert glycogen reserves into glucose.
  It will starve your brain of the glucose it needs to function.

NOT TRUE - Your brain will have a steady supply of glucose for the full 16 hours (your liver guarantees it).
I could go on about the dangers of dieting for the long term and how The 16 Hour Diet gets around them. But the fact is the method outlined in the book is less a diet than an extemely short-term fast. For that reason it automatically circumvents all the usual problems that can accompany a diet.

I know, I've endured them all in my time. That's why I can categorically say that this approach is the easiest weight loss strategy I have ever successfully implemented. I convinced you'll think that too once you try it yourself. After all, you don't need to CHANGE in any way what it is you're eating right now - no special foods are required, and none are specifically discouraged.

This is NOT about getting you to eat less. It's about changing the TIMES during which you eat throughout the day.

It's not about WHAT you eat - but WHEN...

Honestly, if a "diet" could be made any simpler to implement, I don't know how it might be done!

And let's not forget, one of the most reassuring aspects of this approach to short-term fasting to maintain a healthy body weight is the pedigree of the creators of the diet. Our ancestors essentially performed an endless series of fasting tests, tests that would guarantee their offspring inherited genes most favorable to the development of an efficient metabolism, even in times of food scarcity. Genes that every person alive today has been fortunate enough to inherit.

What does all that mean for you? Simply this:
The 16 Hour Diet Was Written To Help You Implement The ONE Dieting Strategy Already "Programmed" Into Your DNA...
Finally, a diet that your body won't reject as being unnatural, forced, or even unwelcome.

It's time to put away those old-fashioned blueprints for dieting that involve putting your body through the wringer by denying it the very nutrients it needs to thrive and keep itself in the fat-burning zone.

Calorie restriction simply doesn't work as a sustainable approach to maintaining a healthy body weight. In fact, it encourages the exact opposite - instructing your body to store every scrap of energy it can as excess fat reserves, a resource for tomorrow to tap when the "restricted food" situation gets worse.

That's just the way we're designed - to shore up fat reserves in the face of a food crisis.

No wonder then that every low-calorie diet we put ourselves through does nothing more than further damage our metabolism and set us up for an even greater dieting fiasco in the future. Yo-yo dieting they call it. Losing weight quickly by starving yourself for a duration, then gaining back all the weight after the diet is over. And then some!

Well, with The 16 Hour Diet your body is never seriously hungry. And even when you enter the fasting state, it's not for more than a few hours that you're aware you're going through it. In fact, you're probably already doing at least a 10-hour fast every day right now. You're just sleeping through it!
Discover The Health Benefits Of A Diet So Short & Effortless To Implement That You'll Scarcely Notice You're On It
When you pick up a copy of "The 16 Hour Diet" you'll be introduced to a completely new and eye-opening approach to managing your body weight.

You'll learn all the secrets about how to safely implement a proven strategy - one built on some surprising truths about the way your body likely manages food right now and how it ought to do it. Inside its page you'll discover:
  The truth about whether you should be eating 5-6 small meals per day to optimize your metabolism for weight loss. (Hint: You'll soon be saving on time, money and stress with the new approach!)
  Why eating fewer meals could REDUCE your level of hunger throughout the day (no, that's not a typo, I said REDUCE, not increase!)
  Why you'll never be able to stick to an eating plan designed around meals 250-300 calories apiece (no matter how many of these "snacks" you allow yourself over the course of a day).
  An alternative approach to eating that burns fat yet doesn't involve counting calories (because what are your chances of sticking to a diet that restricts how much you can eat?)
  How to boost energy levels at the same time you quash your food cravings. (Yes, that does sound impossible... but as you'll see, it's not!)
  Why the secret to sustainable, non-restrictive dieting isn't WHAT you eat, so much as WHEN you eat it...
  How the concept of "3 square meals a day" may have brainwashed you and set you up for repeated dieting failures (let's change that!)
  The proven eating pattern that powered our lean evoluntary development for more than a million years - and was then abandoned in favor of an approach that promotes obesity and chronic disease (you deserve so much better!)
  How to harness the lasting health benefits of intermittent fasting - without having to "starve" yourself to do it...
  How to get control over your "hunger hormone" so that you only eat when you want to eat (and not when you feel COMPELLED to eat).
  How to increase your insulin sensitivity so you burn fat rather than store fat (and stop your blood sugar level from swinging wildly and making you feel worse by the day).
  How to reduce the amount of inflammation in your body - an immunological swelling that affects your joints, your cardiovascular and stroke risk, and your mood - all by choosing the right TIME to eat during the day...
  The critical difference between intermittent fasting and dieting (and how only one of these leads to sustainable, automatic fat burning).
  How to stimulate fat loss WITHOUT altering the number of calories you're consuming right now (the key benefit: no calorie loss = no unwanted hunger).
  An "every day" approach to fasting that works great if you favor regularity in your schedule (it's also the most popular approach by far).
  An "every other day" approach to fasting that actually requires you stuff yourself with food! (also known as the "eat stop eat" approach)
  A "just once per week" approach to fasting. (Note: This works great as a kick starter plan to test the fasting waters).
  Why fasting will boost your level of human growth hormone, and why this pays off big time for bone maintenance, lower cardiovascular risk, and increased longevity...
  Why fasting stimulates a kind of "self-cleaning" process that flushes toxins from your cells (so as to dramatically lighten the burden on your already taxed liver and kidneys).
  The potentially life-saving blood pressure and cholesterol lowering effect of fasting that reduces your risk of heart disease, dementia, and stroke (you can't put a price on this, and yet instead of costing you... fasting actually saves you money!)
  How to tap into the potential of fasting to literally starve cancer cells and slow their growth (and possibly even prevent their growth in the first place).
  How to use the oxidative-stress-lowering capacity of fasting to preserve the health of your brain (so as to help ward off depression, dementia, and even the brain-shrinking effects of Alzheimer's disease).
  A handy way to "reboot" your gut microbiome for better digestive health using nothing more than a simple technique that utilizes fasting...
  The best time to position your meals in relation to your workouts so as to maximize muscle growth instead of fat storage (so you get leaner AND more shapely).
  How to master the battle with hunger using pyschological trickery - and win every time!
  4 clever but totally "legal" ways to cheat on your fasting efforts - without adding any calories or potentially destabilizing your schedule...
  2 sample 16-hour diet plans you can implement right away...
  Why, once you begin the 16-hour diet, you may want to think twice about eating foods like egg whites, popcorn, and vegetables...
  And why, in contrast, foods like cranberries, nuts and seeds, salmon and pasta get the thumbs up on this plan!
  When you grab your copy of The 16 Hour Diet you'll learn all of these secrets to short-term dieting, and a whole lot more!
When you pick up your copy of The 16 Hour Diet I'll show you how to extend your natural fasting window. That way you'll be able to reap the benefits of an approach to dealing with food scarcity that evolutionary "survival of the species" practices have burned into our genes. Think of it as an ancient gift nature has bestowed upon us - one that we earned the right to tap into today because of the debt we paid while traveling the evolutionary highway.
Download Your Copy Of The 16 Hour Diet Right Now, 100% Risk Free!
That's right. I'm so sure you are going to love The 16 Hour Diet that I'll give you 30 days to download the ebook, assimiliate the message, and put the ideas into immediate practice.

If at the end of that period you're not convinced The 16 Hour Diet isn't everything I say it is; if it isn't everything you HOPE it is, just let me know and I GUARANTEE a 100% refund of your investment of just $14.95. That's how confident I am that you'll appreciate the unique approach to dieting outlined in the book.

You really can implement a "less than a day length" diet and succeed with it.

The beauty of The 16 Hour Diet is that you can start or stop it whenever you like. That's because it's NOT a long-term diet in the usual sense. Because it works over the course of less than a single day you cannot interrupt its effectiveness by coming off it temporarily. You simply start it right back up the next day with ZERO penalty!

So why not give it a try today. I'm convinced you'll find this the EASIEST diet you've ever tried, especially because you won't even have to give up any of the food you're eating right now - just move your meal periods into the 8-hour window allocated for feeding. Simple!

Go ahead now and download your copy of The 16 Hour Diet for just $14.95.

You'll either love it or I'll give you your money back.

To Your Health,

Author, Health And Business Expert, Fitness Centre Owner, & National Champion Bodybuilder

P.S. Remember: There's absolutely NO calorie-counting with this diet and you're not going to be subjecting yourself to long bouts where you're craving "illegal" foods. This is a complete natural diet, one that has been used in one form or another throughout all of recorded history. So when I say this thing is battle-tested, I'm not exaggerating. Civilizations have come and gone between periods when tribes depended on this diet to see it though to the next time of food abundance. If it worked for the, it can work for you!

And don't forget. Your purchase is entirely Risk-Free! Download your copy now for just $14.95 and you're protected by my 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.
I'm Going To Remove All The Risk From Your Investment Because I Want You To Get Started With The 16 Hour Diet Today!
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I hope that by now you recognise that this "ultra short-term" dieting guide will be a valuable resource that never goes out of date and which will prove its worth over and over again.

To Your Dieting Success,

carolyn hansen

Carolyn Hansen

P.S. Remember that this is YOUR HEALTH we are talking about. Is it worth taking the chance that the next dieting approach you embark on only sends you on another round of metabolism-damaging yo-yo dieting mayhem? Or would you like to try an approach that makes use of a short-term intermittent-fasting strategy that requires you to neither give up the foods you like, nor suffer the food cravings and misery that come from most long-term dieting plans?

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