People the world over are turning to the Internet, looking for ways to feel better and live longer.

Unfortunately, because of a serious lack of self-discipline, rather than taking personal inventory to evaluate what is needed to permanently improve their conditions, many succumb to “instant gratification” – the road that eventually leads to disappointment and defeat.

These “easy way out” seekers turn to surgical procedures, drugs/medications, potions, lotions and unrealistic “trending” diets – all dangerous lifestyles that cannot be sustained for the long-run. Even if a modest amount of success is experienced, it’s never a permanent solution.

Staying fit and healthy is no different than succeeding at any other endeavor. The ability to express and exercise self-discipline is key to sticking to a healthy diet and making fitness a priority each day.

Exercising Control

There is nothing mysterious about self-discipline. It means self-control, being in control of yourself – your actions and reactions. It is the power that helps you to follow through and stick to your decisions and consistently work towards your goals without changing your mind. And, it is a learned behavior. Nearly all successful people contribute their success to self-discipline.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments!”

Add to self-discipline, the power of consistency and watch as this dynamic duo slowly, but surely moves you closer to your health, fitness and longevity goals.

Lacking in self-discipline? Looking to develop/boost your health and fitness self-discipline?

The thing that promotes and develops self-discipline is your workout routine!

The many benefits of working out are many. Strong muscles and less stress are two of them – Self-discipline is the big one.

Your fitness routine is the perfect set-up to boost your self-discipline because you have 100 percent control over it.  They are one of the best – if not the best – discipline training methods freely available to everyone and when treated as unbreakable appointments that must be kept, offer many rewards and benefits.

The reality is, what actions you take with your body and what you put into your body are totally under your control and your fitness level is the perfect gauge to help measure how you are living your life.

Like any successful business, to be properly informed and make wise decisions, as you work towards your health and fitness goals, you must take notes and track any changes that occur to your body, mental state and energy levels. It requires keeping a log or journal. When you have valuable information readily available, it’s much easier to make positive, rational decisions and avoid making dangerous choices based on impulses, emotions or popular trends.

All this takes patience, a healthy dose of self-control/self-discipline and a huge dose of self-love!

In the end, the choices we make daily either move us closer to our health and fitness goals or away from them.

Permanent health and fitness are not gained through “get rich quick” schemes, nor can they be gained through instant gratification. They are a direct result of exercising healthy choices and the reality is, if we are not performing actions that improve our fitness, then we are  moving in the opposite direction and automatically starting to deteriorate it.

The equation is simple and straight-forward.

Consistently employ self-discipline and make working-out and eating healthy high priorities and they will reward you with the best health, fitness and longevity results. 

Whether your goals are related to fitness, diet, work, or relationships, self-discipline is the one trait needed to reach all of them, maintain a healthy diet/lifestyle, live a long, active, happy life!

Remember, you will experience ups and downs along the way to your goals, and you may even fall off the saddle a few times. When that happens, it’s important to forgive yourself and move on. Guilt does no one any good and only breeds negativity. The longer you are removed from reaching for your goals, the harder it is to get going in a positive direction again. This is where your self-discipline reserves come in. A healthy reserve of self-discipline to call on in these situations is key to getting back on track quickly.

Begin treating your body like a business and give it the attention and the discipline it deserves. Your rewards will be stellar health, increased fitness levels and quality longevity! You can’t win those any other way!

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