Seeking the ever elusive fountain of youth? You’re not alone. “Looking younger” is big business and anti-aging remedies and procedures are increasingly in high demand.

Superficial changes such as mini face lifts, glasses, and changing the color of one’s hair may aide one to look and feel better temporarily. However, aging graciously requires enduring transformation that improves one’s overall physical health.

After all, what’s the use of longevity if you’re suddenly immobile or laying on your sick bed day after day?

Increasing strength has been proven to make the aging process turn around at the genetic level within the cell, so, if you really want to tap into the fountain of youth and enjoy healthy longevity, your focus must be on maintaining or rebuilding your muscle strength.

Muscles are the engine of our body where energy is released and power is produced and where movement originates. Because the condition of our engine has a lot to do with the way we look, feel, and function, strong muscles are very advantageous.

Before the age of 25-30, muscles grow stronger even without specific exercise. However, after the age of 30, when our bodies stop continually growing and developing, we basically have two options. We can begin the long process of becoming weaker as the years pass by, or we can take the reins and work to maintain our strength.

Use it or Lose it –

The amount of muscle we have and that we retain is determined partly by how much we use our muscles. If our muscles are used frequently, they maintain their strength. And, if we push them to the limits of their capacity, we can actually increase their strength no matter our age.

When we increase the demands made on our muscular system, the body responds by maintaining stronger muscles and bones.

Lifestyle is key here. If you’ve been living a sedentary life, chances are, you’ve lost muscle mass while putting excess weight on. You likely have some aches and pains as well, caused from being out of shape. Combine these factors with poor nutritional habits and the hectic pace that modern life demands of us and you’ve got an equation for ill-health and premature aging.

Healthy, well-conditioned muscles are the answer. Your vascular system will actually start building collateral arteries around blocked vessels, improving blood flow to your heart and other organs. The body’s repair mechanisms speed up, things heal quicker and the immune system gets stronger.

You get sick less often and you recover more quickly from virtually every malady. Additionally, strong muscles provide better support and shock absorption for the lower back, absorbing forces that might otherwise over-stress the all important spinal column. They provide us with needed plasticity that contributes to greater flexibility. Tendons and ligaments cannot provide it.

Bottom line is this:

Strength is not a luxury as we age. It is mandatory if we want to experience healthy longevity. Strength training is the most effective thing we can do to nurture that health and reverse the aging process.

No matter your age, 40, 65, or 85, you can gain strength and build muscle as fast as a 21 year old. Strength training can help you become 100-175 percent stronger! It is the most effective way to lengthen life, rejuvenate you and take years off your chronological age.

Once you’ve improved your muscle strength, you’ll automatically begin to carry and present yourself in a different, more positive way. You’ll stand taller – with renewed confidence, poise and leadership.

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At just 10 minutes in length, if you cannot find a way to squeeze this kind of effective workout into your schedule every other day, it’s likely there’s not another one in all existence that could take it’s place.

After all, most things can only be made so simple before they just cannot be made to work at all!

– Carolyn “The 10-Minute Sandbag Workout” Hansen

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