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Repetition of daily positive affirmations…said with intent and focused energy (feelings) is essentially a very effective way to begin shifting your life from negative to positive.

This can include all areas of your life: financial, health, fitness, business or companionship. Whatever it is that you need to change for the better about yourself can be turned into positive empowering affirmations.

Affirmations are nothing more than the act of engaging in positive “thought” or as some express… ”positive self-talk.”

Even the word “affirm” means to “assert positively; to tell with confidence; to maintain as true.

Affirmations work at replacing negative beliefs and perceptions about ourselves (that no longer serve us but still control us and our worlds) with new, healthier positive ones that reprogram our minds and shift our lives.

These empowering positive statements can be repeated mentally, verbally or written. Written is the most powerful because it engages our subconscious which learns from what we are doing consciously as we write. I see no reason not to mix it up and use all three. It is also very empowering to affirm your message with “emotion” as you stand in front of your reflection in the mirror.

The more emotion you can inject into your affirmations the sooner you will see them manifest because emotion stands for “energy in motion.”

One of the keys to using affirmations properly is “repetition.” The more often they are repeated, whether written down, used verbally or focused in your head, the more impact they have in your life. It is literally the “emotion” that brings things to life.

Affirmations should not be treated as temporary cures.

They are statements, beliefs about yourself that you adopt for a lifetime. They are choices you make daily and infuse with your thoughts and feelings. That’s what brings them to life…the energy focused into them.

Your life may seem non-eventful at first as results take time and patience. This is where your endurance and tenacity come in. If you stick with it, over time, you will notice a difference as you allow the “sunny disposition” of your new positive affirmations to take root and grow. Your life begins to take on a fresh positive direction and feels more energized through healthy new behaviors.

Affirmations can be lots of fun because you can create your own so they become very personal to you.

There are however a few guidelines that must be adhered to in order to succeed with them:

Affirmations must be kept short and crystal clear. The last person you want to try and trick is yourself. It’s much easier to build on, remember and repeat simple statements. Makes things easy for yourself.

Your affirmations must include “you” and presented in the first person, present tense such as “I am.” Leave out words such as “I am going to be, I will be, or “someday” etc.” These kinds of statements and beliefs are the very things keeping your dreams at a distance, keeping them in the future because that is how you are wording them.

Remember – affirmations are made up of words…they are statements containing words that you believe about yourself so you must pay close attention to what words you engage and use.

Since your affirmations are about you, you must “be” what it is you want to “see.” If you are struggling a bit to get around that feeling of “unbelief” with your new positive affirmations/statements, don’t give up…simply recreate them and say something like “I am getting better at.” It may make you feel more comfortable than jumping right into “I am better at” but it still reflects the present moment of time, a very important factor.

Pay attention to your feelings when creating your personal affirmations. Learn to listen to your body and what it is relaying to you in the moment and construct your affirmations around those feelings. Don’t create an affirmation that is so unrealistic you create an uphill battle with your own subconscious. You will feel this in your body when you try and repeat that affirmation. It won’t feel comfortable.

Remember to always work in the “present” tense when creating positive affirmations. You want your affirmations to reflect what it is about “you” that you are “now,” you want it to be true now…not in the “future.”

Consistency and repetition are the “energy” that bring affirmations to life.
Keep things simple…allow your mind to grab onto your idea without question. Make it clear, to the point and about you.

For example, if you currently weigh in at 185 pounds and your goal is to be 135 pounds then simply state this:

“I am Bob Smith am healthy and weigh 135 pounds.”

Once you repeat your affirmation you must release the details to the Universe or you will limit yourself to your own beliefs once again. Just release and allow the Universe to open the proper doors that bring your affirmations to completion. Your job is to keep repeating those affirmations and take any necessary action steps that may present themselves in the moment.

In the example above…don’t be concerned about what diet or program you will use to get you to your goal of 135 pounds. You don’t need that information when you are creating and affirming your beliefs with affirmations.

The energy you are feeding into your affirmations is what opens the doors to that information and it will be forthcoming as your life begins to shift.

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