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Re: How To Give Up The Junk Food Without Punishing Your Taste Buds

carolyn hansen I must confess, I DO like to eat.

But at the same time, as a health professional with more than 30 years of dedication to helping people repair and maintain their bodies, food can be one of the fastest ways to destroy it. Or more correctly, the WRONG food choices.

This is why I have taken the time to create 2 volumes that outline everything I have learned over the years about what it takes to create dessert recipes using healthy eating principles that are EASY to implement, and just as important, never leave you feeling like you are depriving yourself.

In short, if one of your goals is to live a healthy lifestyle, these 2 books will prove invaluable. And to thank you for stopping by today I have added a special bonus to the offer for you which I call The Healthiest Breads Ever.

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My healthy snacks recipe book proved to be so popular that it motivated me to return to my kitchen to see what else I might be able to come up with.

The result? Two more volumes - each of which, this time, contain 50 healthy raw dessert recipes. Desserts that contain no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no gluten, and which require absolutely no cooking. In all, more than 100 more delicious NEW recipes to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Healthiest Breads Ever
Normally $27
Today, more than ever, eating the right foods for health is not easy. Everywhere you turn is yet another bad choice for what to put into your mouth. But if you want that trim, taut figure that promises everlasting health and a daily sense of well-being, then something needs to change...

That's why I wrote The Healthiest Breads Ever - because bread is such a staple of the modern diet that if you are going t have any chance of really sticking to a healthy menu then tackling this staple is the FIRST thing you need to get right...


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